Giving up

2021.09.25 20:35 bobdrakken Giving up

Married for about 11 years now. Up until 6 years ago we almost always split the bills evenly. Gradually, I've been taking on all of our bills until now my wife only pays the gas money for our cars and the groceries. I literally have both car payments, mortgage, credit card bills etc. Our earnings is literally 80/20 and yet she works two part time jobs.
I've tried very nicely to ask her if it would be possible to just switch to a single full time job. Perhaps something that makes at least the combined amount of what she has now so that she can assist me with the chores when we get home. Due to her schedule she is literally only home on Mondays and Wednesdays and when she is, she is sleeping or just laying in bed watching tv. I'll admit I have become the same way now and we're both basically doing the bare minimum to keep the house in order.
I feel that on top of all this, we have many other issues as well. While I don't think it is necessary to share the same interests, I feel spouses should respect each others hobbies. My wife always finds something to complain about me whether it be my taste in music (I literally will listen to everything), to telling me she doesn't care what house we purchase and then giving me hell about it later.
Other than going to work everyday she is not independent at all. She will not take her car to ever get serviced for an oil change, etc. If there's something that requires me to talk to someone, I literally have to take the day off and handle it.
I'd rather not hit this community with a huge wall of text but I could write a book on the things I feel is going wrong at this point. It's very confusing to me and honestly I'm scared to tell her it's over but at the same time I feel trapped. I just want to be free.
We have two kids together. One is 19 and the other is 13. I've held on for as long as I can for their sake. But I don't know how much more I can take. I feel like I'm in hell.
Another note: I literally got off work at 5:30 yesterday evening and was accused of going out drinking with my coworkers instead of coming straight home. When I tried to explain I was called a liar. This was literally the breaking point for me. I can see no positives in this relationship any longer
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2021.09.25 20:35 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-franz-kafka-11

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2021.09.25 20:35 testing35 Do you need to go Drama School to succeed as an actor?!

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2021.09.25 20:35 SzegedNewsBotka : Vecseri Ferenc #SzentesKultFESZT #ZeneVilágZene #ZeneVilágZeneGraffiti #Hangve…

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2021.09.25 20:35 KillaCaglar Yeni kimlik aldınız mı?

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2021.09.25 20:35 WizorHT Colección de QUALITY en el anime.

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2021.09.25 20:35 Nblume19 [XBOX] [H] 8K Credits [W] Striker Overdrive Sky Blue Animus GP, more details inside

Losing interest in searching, life stuff is happening. I will consider offers (and ATG) for the set if anybody has interest.
Collection Pic: (Striker SB is golden gift, Tact SB is OG)
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2021.09.25 20:35 GREENWOLF1337 What can you repeatedly do while staring at someone to make them uncomfortable?

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2021.09.25 20:35 Dry_Path_7108 Minecraft doge

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2021.09.25 20:35 dulkai41416 About time I'm back🤑🔥

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2021.09.25 20:35 Single_Mom0407 Broccoli anyone?

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2021.09.25 20:35 thenibblingman Nintendo 3ds XL

I have lost my Nintendo 3ds XL stylus a longs time ago but I want to sell it now. Is there any chance is could deduct it from the selling price?
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2021.09.25 20:35 chickyrogue This is going to infuriate US Taxpayers

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2021.09.25 20:35 Ok_Stock_2767 General things I plan to do as Governor of Tennessee

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2021.09.25 20:35 newstaff123 Is it possible to go from B4 Tax to Cost Accounting?

I’m an associate in tax and I don’t love it. At least not enough to do it for the rest of my career. I remember in school, cost accounting always clicked easily for me and I like the idea of knowing a company inside and out in the way that cost accountants do.
Would I have to start all over again as far as experience/salary wise or could I lateral into a similar paying Cost Accounting role. I have my CPA if that helps and have always considered getting the CMA.
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2021.09.25 20:35 The_Timeless_Man People who have a story but haven't had the chance to tell it, why not tell it now ?

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2021.09.25 20:35 AJBegonia So Ben had a taming inspiration...

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2021.09.25 20:35 I_D_CareAnymao It had to be done, sorry

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2021.09.25 20:35 Yumin0309 The Confusing World of Allos

I recently went back into the rabbit hole of trying to understand what sexual attraction is supposed to feel like. *sigh*
It's so confusing but I guess this reaffirms my (grey?) asexuality/aromanticism..
I'm so glad that there are other people who feel the same way as I do. 😊
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2021.09.25 20:35 lizardnipplezz Are there any good massage parlours in Pune ( if you know what I mean )

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2021.09.25 20:35 Chiaralydia Hello, if I reset my island will my DA always be online (it is saved in the dream library of course

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2021.09.25 20:35 3threads2vars Originally I was disappointed because you couldn’t tell if someone was using mouse and keyboard or a controller…

But now I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter! You can easily tell because the mouse players just use the pistol all game.
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2021.09.25 20:35 BOWOWBOWOWBOWOW Who's getting the star treat

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2021.09.25 20:35 nicolasbaege Sounds pretty accurate lol

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