2021.09.25 19:48 Prestigious-Rip-307 Bomb

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2021.09.25 19:48 ltjpunk387 Looking for a specific type of channel

I love watching Yummyboy on YouTube. The videos are focused on the food itself, almost exclusively Korean small specialty restaurants/stands. No talking or descriptions, just the sights and sounds of food prep/cooking, and of course the final product. And they include a link to the actual shop. I just find them so enjoyable. Example video
So I'm trying to find a comparable channel for Japanese restaurants/stands, especially if they provide the location. MOGUMOGU is probably the closest, but seeing if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks!
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2021.09.25 19:48 kdotdayum Hey Wolverine let’s take a selfie 🤳

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2021.09.25 19:48 AgentFreshBoi Why doesn’t the BoS in Fallout 4 have Tesla-Cannon’s?

I recently replayed Fallout 3 and Broken Steel and when I finished I was wondering why they didn’t have any Tesla-Cannon’s in FO4, seeing as they’re like 8 confirmed to be in the game, with a couple being in the Citadel.
Is it because they lost them in battle? Not enough resources to make them? Or just another thing that Bethesda decided to keep away?
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2021.09.25 19:48 tomaz773 EU PvP server?

which will be big unofficial PvP-server in EU ?
i hear Asgard will be full of russian/ turkey
How Big gona be Hades , Midgard , Hellheim ?
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2021.09.25 19:48 spookybookiwrite You will Leave and You will Pay

“Ugh, I never have service anywhere in this city.” Caleb uttered in a frustrated tone as he flicked the top corner of his phone. It was getting late and he needed to call an Uber home but, at the moment, that seemed like it wasn’t going to happen.
“That’s what you get for going with a sketchy carrier. What’s it called again? Leaf? Grass?” Amy said teasingly at her friend’s woes.
“Blossom.” Randy chimed in.
“Petal,” Caleb gritted through his teeth looking towards the ground. “It's called Petal. It's not that bad, honestly. I always have signal at my apartment but every time I get close to downtown it cuts out.”
Caleb sat fiddling with the settings in his phone for another ten minutes before giving up. His attempt to save money on a phone plan was starting to backfire and become a constant annoyance everytime he went out with friends.
“Here,” Amy said, handing him her phone. “You can use mine to order a car home. Just send me the money for it whenever.”
But Caleb, being stubborn in his decision making, threw his hands up in front of his chest and said, “I’ll just get a cab, it's fine”
“Come to think of it,” said Randy. “I took a cab from here last week and they’re super cheap. In fact, I don't even remember the guy taking my card last time. He just said to get out and he’ll collect the payment after I’m inside. But uh, I never got a bill or anything so I guess he forgot.”
“I’ll see what I can find.” said Caleb looking at the time. Nearly one o’clock in the morning. He stretched and slowly got to his feet. “Well, I guess we should call it a night. I gotta be in the office for nine tomorrow… I guess today, actually.”
The three friends said their goodbyes and headed their separate ways. Amy lived only a couple blocks away and could walk home and Randy worked nights so he often stayed behind for a few more drinks after everyone else was tired and ready to leave.
Caleb walked up the alley leading to the bar back to the busy streets of the city to find a cab. He wished he lived closer to downtown as his eyes wandered left to right while his feet kept him on a straight path. The damp city glistened with lights. Reflections of passing cars gave the sidewalk flashing bursts of yellows and reds that clashed against the harsh orange glow of the streetlights. The skyscrapers almost seemed to twinkle as lights on their many floors turned on and off. Caleb had been strolling down the street lost in trance staring at the world around him for fifteen minutes before he remembered he needed a way to get home. He looked left and right and saw a car coming up the road towards him. The headlights obscured his vision but he held up his arm to try and hail it on the off chance that it was a cab.
The car pulled beside him and the familiar yellow color was a welcomed sight. He got in the back seat and upon sitting down felt a wave of exhaustion hit him. He had worked all day and then agreed to go out on a Thursday. What was he thinking? He needed to get home and rest and try to trudge through Friday without collapsing from exhaustion. Feeling suddenly awkward he realized he hadn’t said anything since entering the cab and they were still parked on the side of the road.
“So, uh, we going anywhere or did you just want a place to sit?” the cab driver said in a half humorous tone looking at Celeb through the rear view mirror.
“1489 Banks Ave.” Caleb said awkwardly trying to avoid the gaze of the driver.
“Normally I wouldn't go that far out of the city, but it's a slow night so, why not?” said the driver as he pulled back out onto the street and headed towards the highway leading to the outskirts of the city where Caleb’s apartment building was located.
Caleb sat a little annoyed and a little anxious in the back seat. “What was the point in telling me he usually doesn’t drive out that far?” He thought to himself. “Probably just trying to get a larger tip out of me. Make me feel guilty for him doing his job.” Cab rides were always so awkward. There was no expectation of conversation but the social pressure of human interaction puffed a thick awkward cloud into the car. To make matters worse, the driver decided that the radio should be off during this extra long ride. He had to say something, this was unbearable.
“My friend says you guys have great rides!” he blurted out way too loud to be natural. “Rates! I meant rates” Though it was dark inside the cab he knew the driver could see his face burning red with embarrassment.
The driver stared at him for a good ten seconds before speaking. “Yeah, that’s probably because we accept alternate forms of tender.”
Squinting a bit trying to get a read on the driver Caleb said franky, “What do you mean? Like, crypto or something?” Although he found it unlikely that the city cab would accept DOGE as he thought about it.
“Nah, like stuff you can’t pay through an app.” said the driver calmly
Starting to get nervous Caleb’s mind immediately shot to some sort of sexual favor the guy would be expecting at the end of this trip. Feeling extremely worried his eyes started to wander around the interior of the cab, desperate to avoid the gaze of the driver. His eyes fell upon the meter. Only at about seven dollars and they were close to halfway back to his apartment. This was a cheap taxi indeed. Caleb decided to let the budget friendly meter keep counting without interruption. If he was going to get a discount that was fine with him.
The rest of the ride was steeped in awkwards silence. Only occasional glances were shared between the two. Caleb’s mind was still stuck on what the guy had meant by “alternate forms of tender” but he resolved to pay with his card and get out of there.
The cab came to a slow stop in front of Calebs’s apartment building. There were no street lights directly in front of the building and the cab filled with a void made of ebony. Caleb took a glance at the meter and saw it read sixteen dollars and eighty-seven cents. He fumbled around with his wallet for a second, unable to read his cards clearly in the darkness of the cab.
“Here.” he said, handing the driver what he hoped was his credit card and not his debit card.
“Oh sorry,” said the driver. “We don’t take that kind of payment.”
“I don’t have any cash on me,” said Caleb shaking slightly. “I can run inside and see if I have any and come back out to you if you like.”
“Oh we don't uh… you know what just head inside. I’ll charge you after you’re in the building.”
“How does t-” Caleb stopped abruptly. “That’s fine.” he said and quickly scooted out of the cab and walked more than briskly into his building and into the elevator pressing the “door close” button several times upon entering.
“What the hell was that?” he thought to himself. Just glad to be out of that situation Caleb unlocked his door with shaky hands and fumbled around in the dark through his apartment to his bedroom. He laid down, checked that his alarm was set, and suddenly felt extremely queasy. He had sat up to make his way to the bathroom when the room suddenly took a hard upward swing to the left. He was violently dizzed. His bedroom slowly started to swing back downwards to reality in the motion of a feather swooping back and forth towards the ground. Laying back his body pushing itself back against the bed hard trying to maintain a grip on reality the dizziness slowly faded away. Taking slow deep breaths Caleb felt awful. He was sweating and his stomach lurching, but most of all he felt exhausted. He blacked out slipping away from consciousness into a deep dreamless sleep.
The next morning Caleb awoke feeling like absolute death. His skin was painful at the touch and his headache was pounding in his ears. Cursing himself for staying out so late on a weeknight he checked his phone. It was eight thirty six a.m. He knew he’d be getting to work a few minutes late, but it wasn’t the first time. Slowly, he dragged himself out of bed, took a quick shower, threw on wrinkly clothes as he didn't have time to iron, and hurried off towards work. Being in walking distance from the office was usually an advantage, but still feeling ill from last night Caleb struggled to make the just over a mile walk to his place of employment.
Out of breath and sweating profusely despite the cool weather he finally made it. Normally a stair goer, he got into the elevator and slumped to his desk where he promptly collapsed into his office chair. His forehead plopped down on his keyboard nonstop entering the letter “p” into the password section of the login screen he once again dozed off.
With a sharp intake of breath Caleb arose from his slumber in a jerking motion. “What was that?” He wondered to himself. He’d never fallen asleep at work before. Looking at the clock in the corner of his screen he saw that it was three minutes from eleven. It was time for the weekly meeting to discuss plans for the coming week. The meeting took place two floors below and Caleb quickly gathered a few papers and hurried off. Out of habit he began to descend the stairs. Quickly realizing this mistake, he had to take a breather before descending to the last landing. Rushing into the meeting room at exactly eleven no one said anything about his tardiness. Though, he did notice several people looking at him not in his eyes, but above them. Caleb did not realize it but he had an assortment of squares plastered across his forehead from his keyboard. What’s more he realized that he was unable to catch his breath and was suddenly aware of how hard he was breathing. Others also took notice of this.
“Caleb,” said his boss Mrs. Claire. “You look rather pale. Are you feeling okay?”
“Yes!” he lied, trying to sound bright and cheerful.
“Right, right.” she continued. “Well , you know we’re pretty much going to wrap things up for the day after the meeting so if you want to go and get some rest that’d be fine. Just turn in your report on the way out.”
Slightly embarrassed but thankful at the same time Caleb dropped his weekly report into the plastic collection tray and left for home. “What was going on?” he wondered, angry with himself for causing a scene. Then it struck him, he hadn't eaten a proper dinner or breakfast. “That must be it!” he thought. He spent the better part of last night drinking and had only managed to share a plate of nachos with his friends much earlier into the night. Then, he’d gone straight to bed after making it back and woke up too late to eat breakfast.
Upon leaving the office he stopped at his favorite bagel place and got two fully loaded bagels. Scarfed one down on the way home and to his surprise he immediately felt much better. Strength was returning to his legs and his head was much clearer. Without the pounding headache Caleb was able to recall the event of last night in great clarity. “What a strange cab ride” he whispered as he recalled that he never paid for the ride. He even double checked his bank account to see if any money had been withdrawn, but there was nothing besides the bagels and the drinks from last night. He shrugged it off and got upstairs to take another shower and a long nap to recover.
He awoke many hours later to several messages and missed calls from Amy and Randy. They were going out again with a couple more of their friends and had offered to pick him up, but that was over an hour ago. He returned Randy’s call and figured out the situation. They were at a bar a ways out of the city but had just arrived so he was free to join them if he felt up to it. Quickly, throwing on another set of wrinkly clothes he called an Uber and went to meet up with his friends. His hand froze for a split second before getting into the car. He shook his head and got in. With a sigh of relief he saw the driver was a woman he didn’t recognize.
The night was enjoyable but a little mundane. Swapping the typical work drama stories and talking about recent news. Everyone desperately avoiding politics so as to not offend others in the group they didn’t know as well. Caleb blamed his lack of enjoyment on the fact that he had seen Amy and Randy the night before and therefore several of their stories were repeats and he was struggling to listen to them a second time. By twelve o’clock he was ready to call it a night. Not feeling as well as he thought he was, his head was starting to bother him again.
After saying goodbye to everyone he stepped out of the bar and checked his phone before groaning loudly. “Are you serious?” he muttered to himself. He once again didn’t have service. He also didn’t want to re-enter the bar and receive another round of his friends laughing at him for his cheap cellular plan. His mood was bad enough without that. Caleb resolved to walk down the sidewalk and see if maybe he could catch a signal down the road. He walked for around half a mile before giving up. He decided he’d head back and use Amy’s phone and take the taunting that came with it. However, just as he turned back around to head towards the bar he spotted a cab coming up the road towards him. It was unmistakable, taxi sign on the roof and everything. He hailed the cab and climbed inside.
“You know, I didn’t think there’d be cabs this far out of the city.” he said getting into the yellow cab.
“Well you know, uh, slow night.” said a familiar voice.
“It's you.” Caleb said, trying to hide the surprise in his voice.
“Like I said, slow night. Same place?”
“This ones gonna cost a bit more. You okay with that?”
“Don’t have much of a choice.”
Once again the ride was silent and awkward. Caleb was very suspicious of his second time driver now. He eyed him closely from the back seat studying his features. He hadn't paid much attention to his looks last night, but now he noticed how gaunt the man was. His frame was thin and his cheeks deeply sunken into his thin face. Also, he couldn't tell if it was just the lighting or not but the driver seemed to have a greyish hue to him.
“Where you from?” said Caleb, trying once again to break the tension.
“Not here.” said the driver dryly.
Giving up on small talk Caleb sat quietly for the rest of the drive. Finally, after what felt like forever they reached Caleb’s building once again. He started to get out before remembering that he might actually have to pay the man this time.
“How much do I owe you?” he said, turning back into the open door.
“Fifty-four.” said the driver in a stern voice.
“Fifty-four dollars!” Caleb said, outraged. “The uber there was only twenty-five. That price is outrageous. I’m not paying that. I'm simply not.” He got out of the cab shaking with frustration.
The malnourished looking figure stared at him for several seconds then said “You already have.” and reached grabbing the open door and slamming it shut before driving off into the night.
“I clearly haven’t!” Caleb yelled after the cab as it turned the corner and disappeared from view. Shaking his head in disbelief at both the price the man wanted and the fact that he didn’t even pay it he headed inside. It had begun to rain just as they arrived and he didn’t fancy standing in the rain any longer. He opened the door to his building, stepped inside and promptly fainted, dropping hard to the floor with a thud.
He awoke some time later surrounded by unknown people. He didn’t understand where he was or what had happened. Slowly peering around through unfocused eyes he heard murmuring voices which abruptly stopped upon seeing him moving.
“Sir?” said a man’s voice. “Sir, are you okay?”
Caleb let out a low moan in response.
“We’ve been trying to contact 911 but all the lines seem to be busy. Do you live here? Is there someone we can call to help you?
Barely able to comprehend the man’s words Caleb simply stared at the man. Tongue dry his mouth he failed to utter anything more than a jumbled mess of guttural sounds.
“Okay listen sir, you clearly need help. We’re going to find a way to get you to the hospital. Hang tight.”
There was another murmuring of voices before he knew it he was being lifted up to his feet. The room was now entirely too bright for his liking. The light glared into his eyes burning them and the room felt as if it were a racquetball. Flying side to side bouncing off unseen walls. He had never been this dizzy in his life. Before he knew it Caleb was outside being dragged away from his apartment building. Judging by the purple, blue, and reddish cotton candy colors the sky was showing it was very early in the morning. He was now falling through space. He was a comet going inconceivably fast, zooming through the universe. Approaching a burning star he was going to plunge himself into. Then something funny happened, he did not plunge into the seering gases of a star but simply fell on the leather upholstery of the interior of a vehicle. “How strange?” Caleb thought to himself struggling to comprehend his situation
“Back again already?” he heard someone say.
Without warning his memory came flooding back into his brain. He was not a comet, no, he was Caleb. He had collapsed in the lobby of his apartment building and apparently some residents were taking pity on him and bringing him to the hospital. Something was wrong, though. “Why does this feel so wrong?” He thought before his memory trail was interrupted.
“This isn’t normal driving hours, you know? I’ll have to charge you extra.” said the familiar voice.
“Wha- What are you talking about?” said Caleb trying his hardest to stay conscious and focused. “Why am I in here again?”
“Some kind samaritans ordered a cab to bring you to the hospital Caleb. However, they will be unable to pay, so that heavy burden falls on you.”
His brow furled, not remembering ever exchanging names with the driver. He was also now sure this was the same driver who drove him home the previous two nights. Even through his blurry distorted vision he could see the familiar figure in the driver's seat. Cheek bones seemingly covered only by a thin layer of skin, ready to tear through it to reveal a fleshless being beneath. In fact, now seeing his driver in the daylight for the first time Caleb was able to discern more features. The hands gripping the steering wheel were thin and grey. The fingers seemed to be just slightly too long. They wrapped around the wheel and then almost over it again as if they had an extra joint in them. These abnormal phalanges ended in sharp pointed nails that also seemed just slightly too long to be normal. Caleb’s brain was starting to pulse with pain. Focusing on the inhuman-like features of the driver was too much for his weakened state. The thoughts bursting in his mind about what was driving the car were too much for him at the moment. His vision began to lose color and he found himself slipping sideways in his seat unable to hold himself up.
He awoke to an abrupt stopping motion. Raising himself off the seat with great difficulty.
“We’re here.” said a cold voice. “That’ll be one hundred and seven”
“That number, what does it mean?”
“You know what it means, Caleb.”
“I’m not paying.”
“You have no choice. Once you leave payment will be collected.”
“Then, I’m not leaving!”
A deep sigh escaped the creature sitting in the driver’s seat. “Get out. We’ve arrived at your destination.”
“NO! I will not go! I simply will not. I’ll sit in this car forever if I have to. I’m not getting out.” The emotional expenditure was costly. Caleb felt his head starting to spin again and closed his eyes tightly to attempt to regain composure.
“You will leave and you will pay.” The voice sounded different now. It was not angry nor threatening, but one thing was sure. It was final.
“Please, '' said Caleb almost at a whimper now. “I don't want t-”
The voice interrupted, “I will force you if I need to, but I’d rather not if it can be avoided.”
Caleb took a slow inhale while contemplating his next words. Resolving in his decision he looked the creature in the eyes through the rear view mirror and in a flat note simply stated “No.”
His once thought to be inexpensive taxi driver turned unnaturally around towards him. His body almost lunged at Caleb as he did so. He noticed that only his torso moved. The driver’s legs stayed stationary facing forward. He was inches from Caleb’s face now. The thing’s lanky arms, entirely too long for its body, moved separately from the torso. One went around the front passenger seat then behind the hanging seat belt to the back door Caleb was sitting next to and grabbed the handle. The other took a firm grasp on Caleb’s left side ribs. Its fingers are long enough to extend across his abdomen and grip the other side of his body. Its long nails digging into him uncomfortably. All the time the face was still unnervingly close to Caleb’s face, paralyzing him.
“You will leave now. Goodbye.” and with one swift motion he opened the door and shoved Caleb out onto the sidewalk outside the hospital.
Unable to properly move his legs Caleb topped awkwardly onto his shoulder landing hard without bracing himself. He heard the cab door shut, the car start, and the wheels move away from him.
Less than an hour later, two nurses found a human shaped husk on the sidewalk while leaving their overnight shift. Not realizing what they were looking at they started for a breathless moment before approaching. Then they realized they were staring at the withered corpse of a man, desiccated to the bone.
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2021.09.25 19:48 SgtMindfudge DigiByte Discord Community

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2021.09.25 19:48 peacefulrelaxation Beautiful Relaxation - Peaceful Music #18 [3 Hours]

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2021.09.25 19:48 AlexGray27 If you remember me

We may never speak again, but if you do remember me I hope you remember me fondly. I hope you remember you could have had someone who could have loved you and been by your side and been a partner, even though that is not what you envisioned for me. I hope you remember me as someone who did the best I could for you in a way that I tried to show how much I cared for you and how I felt, even if it isn't what you wanted or needed. I'd like to think you'll remember me as someone you could have had a good, real and loving relationship with, only if we took the chance.
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2021.09.25 19:48 DogtreatrobotCEO Doge Generals Gallery is UP! Let me know what you think please, I need feedback!

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2021.09.25 19:48 Janey88888 36 [F4M] USA/ Looking for a sincere friend or lover, preferably a permanent relationship

My name is Janey, I work in the travel industry and I'm 36 years old.
New to the area and hope to make new friends and find someone who resonates in mind and soul
I am very conservative about sex, so if you like it, please don't bother me.
By the way, I should introduce some of my hobbies to see if we have the same hobbies.
Shopping, traveling, golf, swimming, go-karting, horseback riding, archery, etc.
If you are interested, please feel free to message me!
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2021.09.25 19:48 drcranberry14556 I need help on idle animation Testing

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2021.09.25 19:48 Pokierman12 30[M4F] Visiting San Francisco in a Week and want to Explore it with someone.

I’m Visiting San Francisco for the first time on October 5, and I would like to meet someone who could show me around the city. This will be my first time traveling alone, so I’m pretty anxious on doing it by myself. I don’t mind if you are married a traveler or a local.
Anyways if anyone is interested message me. And I can host in my hotel, and I don’t mind if you stay with me for my duration of my trip
I’m Latino around 5’2 and I’m skinny. If anyone is interested message me or send me a chat, So I can tell you more about myself.
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2021.09.25 19:48 That1TimeAtCamp My Granddaughter's NFT Collection is live on Opensea & Polygon! Very proud of her.

My Granddaughter's NFT Collection is live on Opensea & Polygon! Very proud of her. submitted by That1TimeAtCamp to NFT [link] [comments]

2021.09.25 19:48 oneor11 How do I log transactions for liquidity mining?

I would like some guidance on how to catalog liquidity mining entry and rewards please.
For instance, let's say I'm doing liquidity mining with the BTC-DFI pair. I have to have an equal value of BTC and DFI to enter the liquidity mining pool. So let's say I have allocate 10.34 DFI and 0.00056 BTC. (USD $50...$25 value in each) When entered, my app wallet will say something like "Pooled BTC-DFI: 0.07... BTC-DFI". (I don't really know what the 0.07 equates to, but that's a sidetrack)

  1. Logging the Entry: How would I manually represent this in a Cointracker wallet? Do does it need to be represented as a liquidity mine allocation as opposed to just adding 0.00056 BTC and 10.34 DFI as separate purchase transactions?
  2. Logging the Rewards: Liquidity mining rewards are added every 30 seconds. my thought was maybe to add a New Transaction once a week and enter in the sum of the week's additions separately for each currency (one for BTC, one for DFI) and use "Mark as mining reward". Is this the right way to do it?
  3. Impermanent loss tracking: Sometimes I notice I will lose BTC maybe. I believe this is unrealized impermanent loss. Should this be reflected? If so, how?
I hope this was clear. I'm still an amateur at the liquidity mining stuff. Thanks in advance for your help. I'm enjoying the Cointracker product. Eventually it will help me with tax, but aside from that it's just a great way to get a view on my whole portfolio from all sources.
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2021.09.25 19:48 Ak-Mada Boost Strike quotes

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with the Boost Strike quotes. I play with Japanese voices and English subtitles. I was wondering what the characters say in Japanese as some lines are pretty cool. I'm only sure about Alphen saying "Owarita" when doing his combo with Shionne.
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2021.09.25 19:48 ErrorSecret DSMP oc art challenge? Anyone?

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2021.09.25 19:48 DickDestroyer69420 More sides = more authority?

During the squid games I’ve noticed that the O’s are like the bottom of the barrel, then triangles and after them squares, i think what makes this even more believe able is that the front man has a mask with many many sides showing he is at the top, thoughts?(sorry if its been answered or asked before)
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2021.09.25 19:48 Piano1247 Help to add a "blue appendage" after my u/name

How do I enter, for example, my 4 MBTI letters in blue after my user name in posts? Thanks.
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2021.09.25 19:48 -Taco__Cat- I haven't seen one for lassie so : make the comments look like this guys search history

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2021.09.25 19:48 Mopishcross1722 Amazon refund on ram

Hi guys, trying to do a empty package refund at the moment
Would be the 2nd one in 6 months time, there was a incident in between where they sent me the wrong flea treatment (this claim was legitimate) there have been plenty of other legitimate orders
Call in and did the speal and the agent informed me that she can't do a replacement or refund as of right now and to wait till the 29th to call back in to ask about the status, should I be worried about this?
Item In question is a 70$ Samsung SSD
Account is approx 2 years old with prime for the whole duration
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2021.09.25 19:48 yashie_c Grieving Friend Being Distant After Family Member passing away

Hi there! I wanted to post here because I’m finding myself in bit of a pickle as my friend is grieving a close family member’s death last week. Due to pandemic and just life circumstances, we currently live far way and not in meeting distance at the moment but I realise my friend’s (31)close family member passing way has been really difficult on her
On the day of, she had said she’d need some to talk again and so I’ve been giving her space whilst casually checking in every few days by text.
She’s kept her responses very brief and short and I don’t think she’s comfortable to talk about her state or any topic right now which is completely fine. I just find myself in a weird spot if I should continue checking in every now and then and ask how she’s doing or if it’s invading too much if she isn’t comfortable to talk in general right now?
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2021.09.25 19:48 broc5k Boost for Boost Please

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂
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2021.09.25 19:48 Sir-ALBA Two drones and the whole base, working on this satellite needs some fine tuning I think.

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2021.09.25 19:48 Upper_Description378 Helga Lovekaty

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