5ns9d nnfha debbh i2dnt kdk5f 73hh3 3abfa eznn6 ntasz h4hnd 53hdt s9f3f 8rh9z heh2y dbbdt 2nh74 n2r25 9d4e5 8dffb 6shbd 5fe6i [USA-NY][H] Oculus Quest 2 64GB [W] PayPal |

[USA-NY][H] Oculus Quest 2 64GB [W] PayPal

2021.09.25 19:35 _Ziv_ [USA-NY][H] Oculus Quest 2 64GB [W] PayPal

Used this VR headset for a little while - haven't had any issues with it. Has some small and light cosmetic scuffs (see photos), but otherwise in good condition. Comes with controllers (with 3rd party wrist straps) and an Anker USB-C to USB cable.
Shipping only (U.S. only, via USPS Priority Mail), no local pickup
$185 shipped
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2021.09.25 19:35 GooseKing-13_ Anybody have instructions on customizing a marvel legends??

I need to know how to apply top-coat on a marvel legends. This is my first custom
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2021.09.25 19:35 Phantomization [UNI] Graduated poly with gpa of 2.97. Possible to go SIT?

Hi. I recently graduated polytechnic, electrical engineering course, with a gpa of 2.97.
Honestly, I did not take my studies seriously back then and really regretted it. I’m currently in NS and just made up my mind that I want to go to uni.
I know that realistically and obviously, I won’t make it to NUS or NTU. The only realistic option is SIT but I’ve read that SIT have been more reputable and competitive over the past years.
I’m just wondering if is it possible for me with such a low gpa to get accepted to SIT for a degree that is related to my diploma.
If not, what are my other options? I really want a degree but I don’t think I’ll be able to afford private uni and degree for private uni are not that recognised??
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2021.09.25 19:35 Big_PP140 Is dubiaroaches.com a good website

Yeah the reptile shop that sells good feeders it’s pretty far, is this website a good one?
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2021.09.25 19:35 LtHead Syracuse mother of 2 made the Herman Cain awards

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2021.09.25 19:35 throwit56789124 Pretty revealing

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2021.09.25 19:35 ask0689 Been needing a proper dog gate for the stairs for a while. Still need an easy latch system, but I have a few ideas.

Been needing a proper dog gate for the stairs for a while. Still need an easy latch system, but I have a few ideas. submitted by ask0689 to woodworking [link] [comments]

2021.09.25 19:35 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 19:35 Joshdabozz (r/news) Murray Stevenson removed from Avengers Studios and John Walker film scrapped due to recent controversy surrounding Murray

Not really much to say, other than this is a good thing
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2021.09.25 19:35 numbian First try at smoke simulation in vfx composition

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2021.09.25 19:35 tillotop Gang hits just said STL killed CGR

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2021.09.25 19:35 stad0o Best time for an AIARE course in Tahoe?

Hey y'all,
Curious from those who have lived here for at least a few years, is mid-December too early to do an Avi course? Is there enough snowpack that early in the season to make the training worth the $$? Or should I wait til January? Classes are being offered as soon as December 1st...

Appreciate any input!
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2021.09.25 19:35 SpicyKxb4b GIVEAWAYYYYYY

Prize- neon goldhorn Rules-
1)only one entry 2)no spam 3)no cuss words
How to enter - °compliment a mod ( a mod of this sub or the other big adopt me sub, or any big crosstrading subs) (tag the mod you compliment)
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2021.09.25 19:35 GargamelJubilex Want to use call of cthulhu grimoires/tomes, is corruption the right way to do it?

I've been reading a lot of Clark Ashton Smith, which I highly recommend if you haven't, and I was playing with his idea of sorcerers. CAS, especially his Zothique stories, fall smack dab in the middle between Lovecraft and Jack Vance. He's got Vance's wizards, but they all use mythos spell books.

Of the top of my head the options include:

  1. simply to layer the corruption mechanic on top of the wise character class
  2. opening mythos tomes to all three classes with the spell list tracked separate from class and using corruption as the balancing factor.
  3. other?

Thanks for you help
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2021.09.25 19:35 BrazilianAlmostHobo QUAD CHIMPS BB | 166 Tries, 4 months | Tons of strategies and I optimized one that doesn't need RNG. PSI + Energizer, link with tips in comments.

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2021.09.25 19:35 H2Joee Midwest late season mow.

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2021.09.25 19:35 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-italo-calvino-22

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2021.09.25 19:35 Gurli-G Hvem er hende Lillemor som NIBU influencers skal til Spice girls fest hos?

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2021.09.25 19:35 Bright_Set_3094 15 second review

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2021.09.25 19:35 MudakMudakov At the height of WWII on the Eastern front, a high-level meeting takes place in the Kremlin between Stalin and the marshals on the situation on their respective fronts.

When the meeting ends, Marshal Georgy Zhukov is the first one to step out. As he does so, he mutters under his breath "Fucking asshole with a mustache!" It just so happens that Stalin's secretary, Alexander Poskrebyshev hears this. So being a loyal servant to the cause, he reports it to his boss. Stalin then orders Zhukov brought back.
Two minutes later, Zhukov is back in the room facing Stalin.
"Comrade Zhukov," begins Stalin, "would you please repeat what you said when you left the room?"
"I said 'fucking asshole with a mustache' Comrade Stalin."
"And who did you have in mind when you said it?"
"Why, Comrade Stalin, Hitler of course..."
Stalin then turns to Poskrebyshev,
"And you, Comrade Poskrebyshev, who did you have in mind when he said it?"
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2021.09.25 19:35 TheCerpinTaxt Delete The A - Lhotka FM

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2021.09.25 19:35 SystemGold Finally got both combined

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2021.09.25 19:34 mmaturen Alternate Nemesis Dreadknight, still a few missing details here and there but overall I am quite happy with the result.

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2021.09.25 19:34 1creeplosion memechara

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2021.09.25 19:34 IshmaelSnake Will we ever get 60 fps patch for RDR2 on PS5 ?

I would love to experience this game again in sweet framerate and with better graphics most games got their patches why not for this game Rockstar ?
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