[National] - Texas border crossing where migrants made camp to reopen after 2,000 Haitians reportedly expelled | Houston Chronicle

2021.09.25 19:54 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Texas border crossing where migrants made camp to reopen after 2,000 Haitians reportedly expelled | Houston Chronicle

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2021.09.25 19:54 mimijoke Nothing to talk about

There is a guy i met online a year ago (we are both 23), and in the last couple of months we grew very close and eventually we found ourselves talking on the phone for hours everyday.
I met him for the first time in the start of this month and we spent 2 weeks together. We got on very well and he asked me to be his girlfriend. He was very happy with how everything went. He did however say that he wants me to take more initiative - which I totally agree with, it just doesn’t come to me naturally.
But since we got separated again, when we call each other its like we have nothing to talk about. Just that we are tired and bored and we hate school, and that it seems like a long time since we last saw each other, we miss each other and we cant wait to see each other again (he plans to come see me in 3 weeks). There’s weird moments of silences too, today he said goodbye without saying I love you for the first time and that makes me very nervous and i start thinking im not trying hard enough to find conversation topics and he’s getting annoyed me. I want the conversation to flow like it did before we met in person. It feels weird being back on voice call. Has anyone had this problem? How do I try to work on these issues from a distance?
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2021.09.25 19:54 Peter-Grippin Corrupted Cyclopes

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2021.09.25 19:54 FloydRhodes11 Space Earthworm

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2021.09.25 19:54 Significant-Ad-5073 What do you plan to do with the money if you manage to earn it by trading cryptocurrencies?

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2021.09.25 19:54 Ok_Programmer4973 difficult choice of developer Mykola#1515

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2021.09.25 19:54 Pymi_extremist Would Nami met Pyke in lore someday?

Idk I love the idea of they meeting just to see their dynamic and all the mistery that surrounds the sea. Does Pyke know about marais? How would Nami react at a being like him? Also, what would be your first reaction if that happens?
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2021.09.25 19:54 Little-Fix-332 I've confiscated the lighter mum. Now ya can't smoke!

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2021.09.25 19:54 oddogan Google Home "OK Performing Action"

Hello. I made an applet to get commands from Google Home. It was working well until I change the response. Now, whatever I change, even with the previous settings or new applets with the same triggering commands, Google Home just says "OK Performing Action" and does nothing. How can I solve this problem?
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2021.09.25 19:54 staryarn just joined, but need help with an issue

i’ve been using sony vegas 16 for a few months now i have never encountered this issue.
whenever i render a video and play it, it’s normal for a few seconds, but then as it continues the video speeds up and freezes at the end. the audio is unaffected.
when i play it while in the software, it plays like normal.
does anyone know why this happens and a solution to solve it? tried every youtube tutorial and article but nothing seems to work. thanks!
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2021.09.25 19:54 amygdalae99 Ozwald “Oz" the kind catty

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2021.09.25 19:54 Senior-Payment-4250 Cheese curds an caramel!?!?

Cook for BWWs here an if you haven't before order the Cheese curds with a side of caramel you won't regret it!
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2021.09.25 19:54 ChrisBatty Looking for a story

I hope it’s ok to ask like this as a post, I’m hoping to find a story I think was on here a while ago that I want to show a friend.
The story was about a first FTL mission where the astronaut met some tiny mouse sized aliens that his arrival really freaked out as they would have to use city breaker level weapons to fight him at the end of which he went home.
As far as I know it’s a one off story, a title would be appreciated so I can google it or better yet a link to the story.
Thank you.
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2021.09.25 19:54 VittorioShardi Technoblade but amogus

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2021.09.25 19:54 Almanac32 Red Zone

What are your favorite Red Zone plays? We run a spread offense with a lot of RPO and have 2 great TEs.
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2021.09.25 19:54 Redsfan42 League of Legends Arcane Release Date Has Been Revealed

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2021.09.25 19:54 12345IrelandMann Magic mushrooms

Does anybody know any good places to find magic mushrooms in Dublin, and especially Wicklow?
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2021.09.25 19:54 -Sportswear- Hes Kicks

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2021.09.25 19:54 woozlewuzzle29 The coroner? I’m so sick of that guy!

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2021.09.25 19:54 torenmcborenmacbin [OC] Drow! 6 of my original pencil drawings that appeared in Plot & Poison (3rd edition D&D, Green Ronin)

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2021.09.25 19:54 GryffynSaryador Looking for german hurdy gurdy builders that make the medieval box gurdy.

ive wanted to take the plunge into the hurdy gurdy scene for a long time and im currently trying to gather as much info as possible to make an informed purchase. I love the design and sound of the instrument but especially the simple medieval box shaped design really intrigues me - Im hesitent to order from Altarwind tho and wanted to ask if anyone knows some good builders in germany or europe that also make this design....
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2021.09.25 19:54 katharinatrv Kann ich die schulden von meinem freund zahlen ?

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2021.09.25 19:54 Galaveregepp Is it melting iron possible in a coal foundry?

A stupid question maybe, but that's all I have. I always fantasized about melting iron
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2021.09.25 19:54 SirBillPetre Entrepreneur, Richard Bra…

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2021.09.25 19:54 Sandy_Sandy_1233 Algo trading vs Bogleheads

I am curious that, is Algo trading really a thing/ making more profits compared to Bogleheads strategy. Is anyone in this community from Algo trading? what are your opinions and/or learnings that you can share with the newbies (myself)?
{29M} As of now I am just going with the Bogleheads strategy and investing as much as I can and as soon as I can. Lately I was going through the Algo trading sub reddit and I here more noise like making good profits (4 digit profit on each trade). I am kind of confused about whether should I follow Bogleheads vs Algo trading. Please shed some light.
Thanks in Advance.
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