Titanfall 2 got to Opera GX's "The Best Games of 2010s" front page!

2021.09.25 21:27 princessval249 Titanfall 2 got to Opera GX's "The Best Games of 2010s" front page!

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2021.09.25 21:27 Kuandtity This highlighter that looks like a syringe

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2021.09.25 21:27 softservedsoftcore Just thrifted this beautiful amber-toned mirror, which reminds me of fall. Finally tied my desk area together!🍁 (West Hollywood, CA)

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2021.09.25 21:27 Slippity_Sleww Orda in Outbreak Survival is scary.

I was having a nice difficulty 2 Ruka with a double-papped Gallo and like 4 perks then... It bullied me. I ate a cauliflower right when it clubbed and I just died. (I was at like 40 health and I had a bit of armor) When I ate it my health boosted up to 110 but I was already dead.
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2021.09.25 21:27 F-Dog- These wii games in the tv stand

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2021.09.25 21:27 iwasnevercoolanyway Found myself a Dremel 1671 scroll saw at an estate sale!

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2021.09.25 21:27 Esparza47 [SELL] [US] NWT Wunder under luxtreme 23” size 6 in tidewater teal. $80 +4% PayPal g&s or f&f & shipping.

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2021.09.25 21:27 BlueLay_3 I'll find you

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2021.09.25 21:27 greatfamilyfun Party hooks, they use children a lot...

I'm a newer DM and having a lot of fun doing a duet. Scheduling is a dream and we even slip in extra sessions a week as we can. Something I'm worried about is the amount of kids used as gotchas to hook players into sub plots. The PC in this case is a mother and every time there is a kid involved she cannot back down.
CoS has encounters that are not meant to be winnable. As an example, currently the party (level 4 PC & follower) is trying to sneak kids away from the Hags. I'm trying to make each encounter be more than just hack and slash and has lead to some really fun social encounters. At least with the Hags they have meet the PC and knows she is Strahd's play thing and would not kill the party. Worst case they would capture and take to Castle Ravenloft and could awaken the PCs in the dungeon. (BTW, can the Hags leave and take souls to Hades or are they prevented from leaving by the Dark Powers? Would Strahd allow/like for them to be taking souls from his realm?) I know he let or is allowing the Hags to use Old Bonegrinder.
I'm looking for slight modifications to the, "oh there is a kid in trouble" hook as I want my player to not get desensitized.
The situations I'm thinking of are the death house, the ol bonegrinder, and the fishing boat. Plus there is the doll that is child sized. Are there more that I haven't noticed yet? The party is heading to Valeki next.
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2021.09.25 21:27 MolluscaMe [LF]-vancouver, WA- $0-$3- male guppies, mature ghost shrimp, mature amano shrimp

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2021.09.25 21:27 dirrtyremixes Eats Everything - I’m Back EP [PETS142]

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2021.09.25 21:27 PinkSugarRoseTarot Same Day Career, Timing, Sex and More!

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2021.09.25 21:27 lukedatryhard he after them socks

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2021.09.25 21:27 fett2170 Fire PJ Fleck.

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2021.09.25 21:27 CapivaraDaFariaLima Capybara chilling in the spacetime continuum

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2021.09.25 21:27 Puzzleheaded-Mix-706 gondolat kiserlet: huft?

Bizonyara ismeritek az usdT kriptot, aminek gyakorlatilag a lenyege hogy egy usdt-hez egy dollar fizikai valuta van letetbe helyezve es ezzel gyakorlatilag a dollarhoz kotott az arfolyama. (Igen tudom vannak olyan hangok hogy igazabol csak 0,7 dollar, de most ezt engedjuk el).
Gondolat kiserlet szinten elgondolkodtam azon ha fognek mondjuk 1 millio forintot, beraknam MÁP+-ba. Csinálnék egy kriptot, és csak 1 millio darabot adnek el belolle fix 1 forint/db aron. Rogton elso kerdeskent felmerult bennem, hogy mi lenne a jo bizonyitasa ennek, hogy en azt a penzt letetbe tartom. Eleg egy screenshot rola mondjuk havonta vagy valami trusted 3 party fel altali bizonyitas kell pl kozjegyzo (ami koltseges lenne)? Mi errol a velemenyetek?
Ahogy a MÁP+ kamatozna tudnám a kamat mennyisegevel novelni a a kibocsajtot kriptok mennyiseget. Viszont ez miert erne meg nekem?
- Lehetne hogy 1 forint aron adom el, de csak 99 filler aron vagyok hajlando visszavaltani es lenne 1 filler hasznom forintonkent, itt rogton felmerult bennem hogy ha vissza is valtom fizikai forintra akkor onnantol valamilyen penzmosas elleni torvenynek meg kell felelnem, ami bonyolitja az egeszet. Ha csak a tranzakciok historyjat kell tarolnom hogy ki mire valtott, honnan hova az nem tunik problemanak, de ha tobbet az mar lehet macera.
-Visszavaltanam 1 forint aron, es ott lenne hasznom, hogy ha elerne a max coin mennyiseget, mondjuk 80 milliot, akkor onnantol a map+-ban tartott 80 millio kamata nem ujabb tokenek kiadasara menne, hanem gyakorlatilag az lenne a hasznom. Vagy akar a MAP+os kamatot rogton az elejetol zsebre tennem, ha nem is az egeszet, de 10-30%-at.
-Mi mas jut nektek eszetekbe?
Ezek utan jutott eszembe talan a legfontosabb kerdes, hogy ez az egesz megis mire lenne jo?
-Vannak mar bankok ahol bizonyos szamlacsomagokhoz ingyen utalas van, de meg sok a fizetos, esetleg ezt olcsobban lehetne kuldozgetni egymaskozott mint egy atlagos banki utalas, de arra ott az ingyenes revolut.
-Bankkartyas fizetesnel az elfogadó hely fizet par szazalek dijat, ennel joval kedvezobb lenne ezt utalni, de ahhoz komoly infrastructura kell mobil apptol kezdve elfogado helyek halozataig.
Es gyakorlatilag mas nem jutott eszembe hogy ez miert jo, mit gondoltok? Ezert nem veletlen hogy ilyen meg nincs?
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2021.09.25 21:27 Spiddek Das wäre doch mal ne feine Ergänzung für Planet Zoo

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2021.09.25 21:27 Fushigibama I’m trying to find information about some private school where kids are dropped off and forced to stay.

It’s all very cloudy in my head, but I believe this takes place somewhere near the New York area, in… a forestry area? It’s like a school where… kids/teens go to and the teachers keep them there, even locking them in. The main thing is that I read a comic that one person who had escaped had written. I think he got a ride from some guy and went to New York where he met some other students. Think they ate pizza. Does anyone know any details of this.
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2021.09.25 21:27 AdAfraid8695 Arctis 7 Disconnecting

Recently my Arctis 7 headset has been disconnecting and reconnecting in quick succesion I have tried all the solutions that SteelSeries has told me to do and I am wondering if my wifi router or some device could be interfering with It I was wondering if some people on this subreddit could help me find what could possibly be causing it to disconnect
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2021.09.25 21:27 dishycloth8580 [XB1] W: demon mask H: Tell me what you want

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2021.09.25 21:27 CrikeyTM More coal gained depending on type of wood used & roof trim pieces

I know you can farm surtlings for endless coal but I think being able to add core, fine, or ancient bark to the kiln to get more coal than regular wood would be really handy.
Also would love roof trim pieces that hang maybe 1m off. Literally just smaller versions of already existing roof tiles pretty much.
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2021.09.25 21:27 PresentationWeekly53 Long distance is hard and makes me feel sad all the time. How do I make it easier on myself?

For some context, I (26M) started dating this person (28F) a little over 2 months ago. We had been friends for over a year but we met up abroad by coincidence and ended up hooking up (I guess due to the lack of concern over what our friend group would think). After that we both went back home and kept seeing each other literally every day for the next month or so.
We both knew that after a month she would have move back to the US east coast to finish her PhD and teach now that universities are moving back to in-person activity, and I would have to move to Europe to start my Master’s. A few days before we both left the country, we had a long talk, decided we wanted to be in a relationship with each other and that we would give long distance a try.
I’ve always thought long distance relationships never work. I had personally never been in one but all my friends who have tried it couldn’t make it work. The thing is, she is genuinely the coolest person I know. I’ve dated multiple women over the past couple of years for periods longer than we’ve been together and I didn’t feel this way about any of them. She is insanely smart but also incredibly kind and talented in so many different things. I never thought I’d agree to be in a long distance relationship but it seemed worth it in this particular case.
Now, a month into the long distance thing, I don’t regret it. But at the same time, I’m sad all the time because I’m not with her. At first I was worried that I wouldn’t see her until Christmas because the US-EU travel ban prevented us from traveling to where the other one was (neither of us is American). Now that it’s been lifted, she bought tickets to come see me for her Thanksgiving break. But now I’m getting anxiety about the fact that I’m not going to be able to dedicate the entirety of my time to her because this first semester of my program is incredibly demanding and I’m going to have lectures to attend and problem sets to complete throughout the week she'll be here. She's coming with her sister so she'll have someone to keep her company, but still...
Beyond that, I’ve been getting incredibly insecure about our relationship. The time zone difference makes it hard for both of us to be in the same mental state during our daily calls and sometimes we just have silence, which is fine for both of us, but I don’t like the idea of our calls potentially turning into something that feels like a chore for her. We watch a tv show we both like once a week as episodes come out and I guess those are our “dates”, but I hate not being able to do new activities with her. And sometimes I worry that these 3-4 months are going to end up being more of a “pause” in our relationship than a deepening of it, especially considering we’ve been together for so little time.
It doesn’t help that she’s the type of person that’s not on her phone 24/7, and sometimes it takes her hours to respond to one of my texts. I know this isn’t something she does just with me as her mom and sister both have the same complaint, but it still makes me feel (possibly irrationally) insecure.
I guess my question is, how do I cope?
TLDR: Started a long distance relationship, it's hard, it makes me feel sad, it makes feel insecure, I constantly worry that it won't work out, and I need to find a way to be a happier person for the next three months.
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2021.09.25 21:27 klippDagga Facebook friends requests mean.........?

It’s my belief that the Facebook friends requests made on the Friday before Suzanne’s disappearance are very important to the case and could be evidence towards a motive.
The big unknown is, who made the friend requests and why.
I lean towards Suzanne as the one responsible for that activity. It’s my opinion that Suzanne thought or knew that Barry had recently somehow gotten knowledge of the affair, and that he likely knew the man’s name was Jeff. Barry might have confronted her with his suspicions, asking “who’s Jeff?”
Suzanne’s explanation was that he was just a Facebook friend and hence, she made the friend requests for mostly males, including three named Jeff. She did it in order to confuse Barry enough that he would not be able to pinpoint with certainty, who exactly Jeff was.
The friending activity is obviously significant once you learn that it was way beyond typical Facebook behavior for her according to the AA.
Of course it’s also possible that Barry did it to try and determine who Jeff was but I think the changing of the credentials info and other information such as the possible ISP address of the device used to change the credentials would have shown LE who was the most likely user at the time.
It’s quite possible that a confrontation regarding an affair happened Friday. Or, it was Friday that Suzanne started to worry that Barry suspected the affair or knew the name, “Jeff”.
The hiking texts were Suzanne’s way of trying to gauge Barry’s mood and see if he knew anything. When Barry tersely replied, “No, I’m coming home”, she could have taken that he did know something and was angry.
This sets the table for a confrontation when Barry comes home and the ultimate result is obviously Suzanne’s murder.
Any other thoughts regarding this topic? I feel it’s a very intriguing piece of evidence.
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