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i have already re-re-re-binged my favorite go to shows and i am a little panicked that i cannot find anything !

2021.10.24 07:11 bbruning325 i have already re-re-re-binged my favorite go to shows and i am a little panicked that i cannot find anything !

please help!
i am so picky. and whats worse i cant really pin point what it is about the shows i love that separates them from others....
i have spent more time than id care to admit googleing and checking " customers also watched"....and i have come up completely empty handed!
for the most part i lean towards period dramas. but i also love supernatural shows as well....
heres a list supernatural shows i have seen and enjoyed:
-midnight, texas
-sleepy hollow( tv series )
-chilling adventures of sabrina
-nancy drew
-penny dreadful

List of PERIOD DRAMAS i love:
-turn washingtons spies
-sons of liberty
-the great
-saints and sinners ( mini series )
- gentleman jack

list of shows that constantly come up for recommendations that i couldnt really get into:
-american horror story
-the magicians
-carnival row
please help!
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2021.10.24 07:11 ShtsupDiNOSaUr [Poem] I don't really know how to use reddit. I don't know if I'll try. This isn't about that

I think part of the reason my landlord wanted me out was because the wife wanted to fight in the kitchen. I went over just for packing. They have made be really self conscious about how loud noise is at night. The new place creaks. Last year when I visited friends who lived in the complex, the space seem so much better than where I was living. But the building creaks. Staying up all night allows you to hear people walking on the floor above you. But the last two nights of sleep have been the best I’ve had in the Year.
I havent been doing well in school. I don’t know how that plays. But it affects my mood. As I was stuffing things in my trunk I pass the front and the husband is in and out before I can turn around. It’s how he smokes his cigarettes. He apparently loves them more than the money a tenant could bring in, because he would disparage MY CHARACTER as part of a child-like discomfort in my house to make the urge to go shared.
It really is symbolic. The day before, my friends and a virtual stranger all helped me move stuff in so much that I felt uncomfortable taking up so much of their time. Stranger could have gone to Playa Bowl. But dragging my trice-used cardboard box on the seam “tapey” parts, I couldn’t feel more right at refusing my landlords offer to save me a few feet that same day. I wish I could say kindness. But they're both disgusting. “Why do you keep calling it MY house?” Is the whisper-yell. The dog doesn’t know what’s going on. The cat is obviously happy to be living his best life again. He was sitting on the kitchen table, licking his crotch when I first walked in last time. King of the castle. And the queen doesn’t want to be queen anymore. They should, but they won’t divorce. I little think they couldn’t afford it. So when is drizzles as I make the last …. 5 trips back and forth into the house, mostly for condiments, I’m okay. I’m a little residual high from a gummie, but I feel right. I 100% rather be pulling 50 lb boxes, on asphalt, through the rain, in the dark alone than be either of them. Even in the middle of one of my unavoidable depression Why Me’s (and honestly, I got a lot of shit on. Do I use my incredible tough time to deny my privilege? The fact that I have someplace to move the box to? No.) But when I am up at 6am, and not because I’m an early riser, I can’t help but be surprised that the things that drag me down don’t feel quite as heavy right now. And that’s because I some how, now sleep in The Room With The Lights.
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2021.10.24 07:11 ComradeKartoffel Tumblr is a website

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2021.10.24 07:11 darkyogiph Is there a subreddit for INI?

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2021.10.24 07:11 rightatyou Guys, that's our Luffy's pirate flag.

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2021.10.24 07:11 superepicgamer2450 foolproof way of making g funk sound

hello everyone i am looking for a way to make the g funk sound as seen in funky worm and the songs the sample it, in lmms of course
the previous posts have been mentioning some very vague things like i should turn this setting up or this setting down but it just doesnt really help, i am quite new to this whole music making thing
im looking for a foolproof way of making the sound
any answers would be appreciated
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2021.10.24 07:11 Ryllacus What made you lose faith in humanity?

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2021.10.24 07:11 TooMuchCacti My Hydnophytum papuanum has this white damage under a lot of leaves, and I'm not sure what to do with it?

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2021.10.24 07:11 wodny85 A rebus

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2021.10.24 07:11 throwawayaccount6699 Scraped badly against a bollard and now I can barely open my door. How bad is this and is it still safe to drive?

I parked in a space with a bollard next to me and as I was leaving completely forgot there was a bollard next to me and I drove into it quite badly. I can only open the car door a bit now. is it dangerous to drive? Rough cost to get it fixed?
Also, when I turn the wheel in that direction I sometimes hear a grinding noise... I noticed that grey bit above the wheel/tyre is a bit closer if that makes sense which is probably what's scraping against the car when I turn in that direction
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2021.10.24 07:11 Youness-X W: offers H : below

I have : 1st account : Dying light with dlcs + outlast with dlc + the evil within 2nd account : gtav 3rd : bf4 + bf hardline + the crew 2 + the wicher 3 game of the year edition + ark survival
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2021.10.24 07:11 BenjaminWanklin69 Man eating Cheetos sucker punches someone inside a Best Buy and steals their phone

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2021.10.24 07:11 funination Sorry for offending the broke ARMY, I did got the issues as well.

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2021.10.24 07:11 WitchyOtome Did, did they try to make Bart Simpson seductive?

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2021.10.24 07:11 Night-work One year of use,GCP mods,delicious coffee

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2021.10.24 07:11 Samyakk21 Google digital wellbeing and focus mode on Xaiomi.eu

I wan't to replace the Xiaomi screen time and the very barebones focus mode with Google's, any way to do this. I've tried installing via Magisk but that requires GApps, and you need to ideally install that before flashing a rom.
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2021.10.24 07:11 RazorGuy223 new class: Walter white

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2021.10.24 07:11 flsurf7 First buck ever!!! Beyond excited after being self taught for the past year and a half.

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2021.10.24 07:11 bluegubble Together Forever

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2021.10.24 07:11 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy CELEBPLUS (CELEB) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.24 07:11 Parking_Sentence_299 He got it...

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2021.10.24 07:11 Diligent_Context5788 Ma demi sœur vous lui faite quoi

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2021.10.24 07:11 shekindathic Offers?

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2021.10.24 07:11 RoyceLamorra My (m34) new gf(w33) says she has a lot of allergies I start to believe she has a mental health problem

Hi, after dating for 2 1/2 months we entered two weeks ago in a monogomous relationship. She told me from the beginning that she has a lot of allergies: lactose, casein, multiple wheets, carrots, chicken eggs, histamine intollerance etc. I had no problem with it I bought a lot of new stuff for my kitchen and cooked for her special meals which she could eat bought a cookbook especially for people with such problems and I thought I could live with it.
4 Weeks ago the first wait a minute moment came when she send me a picture with her father eating a pizza which was so full of cheese that any lactose intolerant person would immediately poop in their pants. I asked her about it and she told me she can make exceptions and she had to sleep for an hour after that. The day after that I got a picture of her eating a latte and have a full platter full of things that would be bad for her to eat...
I asked her if she ever had a anaphylatic shock or has an epipen and she said she had instances where she could breath really badly and parts of her go numb but she has no epipen.
So the last issue with her was that she had a bladder infection that was treated with antibiotics. The antibiotics worked and she was well soon but suddenly she asked me if I use latex condoms. I said yes and she said that she has a plastic allergy and that I should use latex free condoms. I asked her what those two things have in common or why she things the bladder infection comes from that and that we had sex since 8 weeks would be weird to come up now wouldn't it?
She kind of tried to dodged that question that she frequently has bladder infection and that this maybe contributed to that and I should change the condoms.
So here is the thing I don't want to go into detail but I need special size condoms otherwise I have pain during sex or the condoms rip. I could not find any Manufacturer that makes latex free condoms in that size. Her response was ok maybe we can try it with them if I get a bladder infection again it was the latex condoms. I can't understand that logic and I rubbed me the wrong way that she tried to blame me for causing a bladder infection if I don't do what she wants. None of her symptoms match a latex allergy...
I had one girlfriends with latex allergy (before I had the right condoms) and the symptoms just don't match.
I had also a gf with bladder infection problems before and it had nothing to do with condoms, condoms helped in avoiding that as did emptying your bladder right after sex.
I told her to pee after sex but she immediately dismissed it saying this just helps if you don't use any condoms but it helped my ex.
I honestly have a problem with her behavior and immediately jumping to conclusion that in my opinion are not backed by anything. I also find it quite controlling without any diagnosis to force me to use different condoms and to accept pain during sex.
I get the impression that she either has some allergies and is emotional completely overboard with her reaction to things or she has no allergies and it is all in her head like psychosomatic response.
I would like to hear a neutral opinion to that and what the best way is to proceed. We are 2 weeks into the relationship and almost every week is suddenly a new allergy or something else that effects my personal life. I am a little bit afraid what will happen after 3 months or a year into the relationship.
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2021.10.24 07:11 ticaret İkinci El BMW X3 Fiyatları | Sahibinden Satılık İkinci El Satışı Fiyatları ❣️

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