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2021.12.03 23:29 UnusualMan99 mike

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2021.12.03 23:29 East-Researcher-6114 Megnutt oh godd

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2021.12.03 23:29 East-Researcher-6114 Megnutt oh godd

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2021.12.03 23:29 thatpikminguy smelly zombie

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2021.12.03 23:29 DDDTTT111 Filing I131 travel document myself

Hi all

was wondering if anyone had advice on which is the best service center to apply for your travel document. I'm currently based in California but looking at the processing times seems like national benefit center is much faster at processing.

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2021.12.03 23:29 sjm_gla RUNNING DOWN A DREAM / PG41

I've had some feedback and made some changes.
Space adventure.
STORY: A pilot on the brink of death goes on the run with his friend as a price is put on there heads.
I don't mind a script swap as long as they're tv scripts.
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2021.12.03 23:29 artcynic Looking for English Teacher through WeChat

I'm looking for someone who can teach English to older Chinese students (~50 years old) through WeChat. I would like lessons to happen as frequently as daily or 2-3 times a week (up to your availability) for 30-45 minutes a session.
I can offer $20-25 per session depending on the length. Payments can be made through Venmo/Zelle/Cash app after each session.
If interested, please comment with you teaching style and experience.
Because these are Chinese learners with basic to no prior English experience, you must be able to speak Mandarin Chinese at least at a basic proficiency level.
You must also conduct the lessons through WeChat on video call.
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2021.12.03 23:29 Decent-Double2278 Withers

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2021.12.03 23:29 EmbraceSC How awesome would it be

How awesome would it be to have the EXJW community overtake the current JW following and purely out of spite, rent out the same colloseums they do their conventions in following their conventions. We can have dramas and symposiums picking apart the JWs propaganda and reverse baptisms. Thoughts? 😜
This is satire btw
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2021.12.03 23:29 Mrfrunzi Having PC crash issues, tried the fixes and it still happens?

Anyone else have this issue? I've turned down most graphics, turned off high res textures in steam, have a dedicated internet connection.
I just froze and crashed after sticking someone. So disappointing. Just want to see if there are any other fixes people have tried.
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2021.12.03 23:29 LatinaPumpkina What are some date ideas for winter time?

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2021.12.03 23:29 ConsiderationOwn637 Super confused on this problem, wouldn’t the oxide element be Ag2O?

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2021.12.03 23:29 sisushkaa Are HSP considered ND?

I've heard mixed answers
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2021.12.03 23:29 borroborro0 Wie fappen voeg me toe op snap moamsterdami

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2021.12.03 23:29 ExoticWallflower Lab mix going crazy?

2 year old female lab mix, her and her sister. We’ve had them as pups. Fenced in backyard, mostly indoor dogs, plenty of chews, soft toys, etc. We’ve never had any issues with either of them chewing on things they shouldn’t be, besides a tissue and small papers that have fallen on the floor on accident. Also I am 6 months pregnant for what it’s worth. In the past week my dog has went psycho. When we let her outside she just stops listening to us, refuses to come when called, etc. Monday night we called her inside and after nearly a minute of waiting walked out behind our garage to find her RIPPING SIDING OFF OF OUR GARAGE. We scolded her, shoved the broken siding in her face, etc made it very clear that the behavior was unacceptable. We had a repairman come this week and fix the siding; he suggested she was going after a squirrel or something, which I find unlikely because I’ve never seen one in our community. Anyways my husband and I now go out whenever the dogs go outside to make sure she doesn’t tear anything else up; he ended up running inside to use the bathroom and when he came back, he found not one, not two, BUT THREE spots in our neighbors house where she has ripped the siding off!! In the span of not more than 10 minutes. So tomorrow we are buying a lead so that we can chain her up in the middle of the yard, as well as some doggie weed to calm her down. Any help would be appreciated, as I have no idea what has possessed her, and we cannot continue to pay for these damages.
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2021.12.03 23:29 WyattDowell Most of a sweater and glorified alcoholic Hawaiian Punch.

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2021.12.03 23:29 GenjoSanzo44 [DS3] [PS4] [Help] Soul stack duplication

Someone available to help me duplicate souls and keep some? You just have to hold them
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2021.12.03 23:29 New-Earth5726 Anything POSITIVE to say to a new key holder? I really like my manager and staff. I'm working hard and she's already hinting about a promotion but I'm very leary. I'm kind of overwhelmed just as a key.

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2021.12.03 23:29 Butt_sniper check me

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2021.12.03 23:29 Peynal [homemade] Pad Thai… hope it’s decent

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2021.12.03 23:29 Korenckkkk Hi guys KARMA FOR KARMA ❤️

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2021.12.03 23:29 NFSGuy03 What's the best easy money race to repeat in forza horizon 5

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2021.12.03 23:29 Alarming_Tomatillo87 Hand sani

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2021.12.03 23:29 muddog_31 Paul Mulcahy: Perception vs Reality

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2021.12.03 23:29 rumblebeard To a flat earth believer, the underside of the earth must be suspended molten lava

Or how do they explain volcanos?
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