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Your favourite Camille Quotes and Taunts

2022.01.18 13:25 Star_Gazin Your favourite Camille Quotes and Taunts

Title is pretty self explanatory. Just curious which of Camille's quotes and taunts you like the most.
Personally my favourite of her quotes is
"The right words cut more deeply than a knife."
While taunts would be two she has for Warick.
"Here, doggy." Just the way she says it is pure gold.
"We are all monsters. Now. you are just one on the outside."
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2022.01.18 13:25 tonyloco1982 Pro discounts

This week I can’t find any Pro discount ad advertised in Stadia Pro FAQs. Is it bad?
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2022.01.18 13:25 GrayLiterature Code Review - Pytest

Hey everyone, I have made a Stack data structure that I want to test using Pytest. I am very new to testing methodologies, so I am hoping to get some feedback on how I can improve the code for tests that I have written. I am open to any feedback and criticisms as to how I can improve on the test code that I have right now. In particular, how I can go about testing the conditional logic is something I wouldn't mind some feedback on as well.
Stack Class

class Empty(Exception): """Error when trying to access element from an empty container""" pass class StackArray: # Constructor def __init__(self): """Define the empty container""" self._container = [] # Return length of the stack def __len__(self): """Return length of the Stack""" return len(self._container) # Push onto the stack def push(self, e): """Add element to top of the stack""" self._container.append(e) # Pop off of the stack def pop(self): """Remove top element from the stack""" if self.is_empty(): raise Empty("Stack is empty") return self._container.pop() # Peak at the top of the stack def peak(self): if self.is_empty(): raise Empty("Stack is empty") return self._container[-1] # Check if stack is empty def is_empty(self): """Returns True if empty, False otherwise""" return len(self._container) == 0 
from StacksQueuesDeques.Stack import StackArray def test_push(): stack = StackArray() stack.push(1) assert stack._container == [1] assert len(stack) == 1 stack.push(2) assert stack._container == [1,2] assert len(stack) == 2 def test_pop(): stack = StackArray() stack.push(1) assert len(stack) == 1 stack.pop() assert len(stack) == 0 def test_is_empty(): stack = StackArray() assert stack.is_empty() == True def test_peak(): stack = StackArray() stack.push(1) stack.push(2) assert stack.peak() == 2 
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2022.01.18 13:25 BurnedtoasterXD Trading for better pets!

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2022.01.18 13:25 AbbyLemonStealingOre Energy Monkey

Charges it's gun with energy and then uses it, shots explode on impact. (Faster bomb shooter with less AoE that deals energy damage) 450$
0-0-0: 1d, 1s, 5p, 5AoE, 40r 1-0-0: Faster Charge: 0.75%s(0.75s), 300$ 2-0-0: SuperCharge: 0.8%S(0.6s), 450$ 3-0-0: Hypercharge Tech: 0.1%s(0.06s), 2500$ 4-0-0: Overflow**: 0.5%s(0.03s), +2j(3j). Now gives overflow buff*. Plasma. 15000$ 5-0-0: Field Energizer: +4d(5d), +2j(5j), 3md(8md) Now gives a better overflow buff to all monkeys around even if attacking. Normal. 65000$ 0-1-0: Field Stabilizer: +10r(50r), +100% projectile speed. 300$ 0-2-0: Refined Sensors: Sees camo, +10r(60r), 450$ 0-3-0: Comunication Tower***: +2d(3d), 0.5%s(0.5s), +5p(10p), +20r(80r). Normal damage. 1250$ 0-4-0: Signal Powerup: Abillity: 0.5%s(0.25s), +3d(6d), +10p(20p) for 10s. Bloons/Moabs are slown down by 25% while in this radius CD:60s. 7500$ 0-5-0: Zone of Desintegration: Abillity: 0.1%s(0.05), +7d(10d), +40p(50p), bloons/moabs take +2 damage while in this zone in addition to the 25% slow. 70000$ 0-0-1: Energy Gather: +4p(9p). 300$ 0-0-2: Energy Blaster: +4p(13p), +2AoE(7AoE). Plasma damage. 450$ 0-0-3: Energy Beam*: +32p(45p), +2d(3d). 2000$ 0-0-4: Beam of Doom: 0.25%s(0.25s) Normal damage. 11000$ 0-0-5: Beam of Doom: +7d(10d). This attack deals +1 damage to each bloon that has already taken damage from it.(Ex: Hit 1 deals 10d, Hit 2 deals 11d, Hit 3 deals 12d, and so on).(Capped at 500d). 40000$
*0-0-3: Instead of shooting an energy ball, shoots in a straight lightning dealing damage to everything along the way 0-0-5: Applies a "shock effect" similar to 2-0-0 dartling's, however this effect doesn't deal damage, nor does it increase damage from anything other than the 0-0-5 itself, however this effect is permanent and stacks(up to 490 times) meaning the tower will deal increased damage to the bloons it attacks the most(BADs for example) but also that it has a weakness against fast moving bloons(DDTs) due to it not being able to land many attacks.
**4-0-0-Non attacking 4-0-0s now give a 50% attack speed buff to the nearest energy tower in it's range who is attacking. 5-0-0's buff is 100% attack speed and will buff all towers in range regardless of the tower itself being attacking or not. The buff ignores walls despite the main attack not ignoring.
***Comunication tower: Creates a line between 2 towers inside their range of the middle path that deals constant damage. This gives the monkey an abillity which can be activated any time to make it connect to another monkey of middle path to establish the link. Each 0-3-0 or above can only be connected to another 2 monkeys at any given time. The 4th and 5th tier abillity affects ALL monkeys that link to itself and all other monkeys eventually connected. If 6 0-4-0s are linked to each other the abillity becomes permanent. If 5 0-4-0s are linked to a 0-5-0 the 5th tier abillity also becomes permanent. If not connected the monkey will keep attacking as normal, it won't gain the buffs mentioned in the 0-0-3 part, but does gain the abillity buff although it only affect itself if not linked.
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2022.01.18 13:25 Coxmaze Artwork, by me

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2022.01.18 13:25 drewsapro Applied for housing through Plaza Verde, will this work for all ACC communities or just Plaza Verde?

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2022.01.18 13:25 PathSubject LSU or Ole Miss Law??

I am out of state for both schools. I am wondering what your guys opinions of the schools may be or if you have heard anything about these schools. I really love Ole Miss but i dont know enough but either. Anyone who has applied or been accepted, feel free to comment!😃
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2022.01.18 13:25 The_Kuroi_Kenshi Daily K-ON! #2740: Twintail Mugi

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2022.01.18 13:25 Top-Squirrel9866 Most people who trade NFTs have no idea what they’re doing

Let’s face it, most people in the NFT market literally have no clue what they’re doing. They just think it’s a place where you can go in, gamble high, make big bucks and make a clean exit. Well sorry to disappoint ya, but if you ask the average NFT FOMOer, you’ll find it clear that’s not how this works.
You’ll find it hard to succeed in a scheme when the whole world is pulling the same scheme… Literally, everyone I know is trying to make for it in the NFT market, selling and buying random crap until they hit triple cherries, and very few have succeeded. Why is that? Because their tactic of throwing salt is horrible.
You have to know what you are doing here, especially when you’re in the same type of car racing against every other person in the world. You need an edge.
The edge comes, personally speaking here, with NFTs that break the mold. JPEGs that offer more than just an image. Take the Royal Falcons Club for example, they have a unique usage of NFTs, as their different 5050 editions offer different rewards. That, for once offers something more.
Other NFTs, are being used for charity. Such as the Pope’s carpet sold. Those ones are making it big too."
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2022.01.18 13:25 Interesting_Guava_23 EXELA TECHNOLOGIES INC has #BIG #PLANS Here’s what we can expect to see in the IoT industry in 2022 In 2022, bandwidth explosion enabled by 5G will provide the foundation and rails for a new group of devices to hop on the IoT bandwagon. $XELA

EXELA TECHNOLOGIES INC has #BIG #PLANS Here’s what we can expect to see in the IoT industry in 2022 In 2022, bandwidth explosion enabled by 5G will provide the foundation and rails for a new group of devices to hop on the IoT bandwagon. $XELA submitted by Interesting_Guava_23 to Xelastock [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 13:25 Nolimitcosplay [Self] 2B cosplay - Nier Automata (Photo by RaceTheWind-Photography)

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2022.01.18 13:25 SGW009 BFB? :(

hey! i’m really needing a boost this morning. boost for boost? https://earnin.app.link/xkHlEPuHZlb
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2022.01.18 13:25 Gatoconejo Watch dogs Legion PC

Ya no hay muchos jugadores en Legion en Pc y eso me pone triste, ya que antes, en cada sala me ponian con 3 personas o sea sala llena, pero hoy en dia siempre estoy solo. Necesito gente para jugar al Legion y subir este pase repetido. Alguien para jugar? Lamentablemente no hay crossplay, ojala llegue este año.
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2022.01.18 13:25 LionKing2022 Brock is back to in-person 😣

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2022.01.18 13:25 liverichly Dombresky Disco Set at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - tonight

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2022.01.18 13:25 UnitedRainbows Fyn

Da jeg skal skifte til andet ADHD-Medicin har jeg nu 3 uåbnede 20mg Elvanse samt et enkelt glas 30mg som jeg ikke får brug for længere.. Så er der mon nogle herinde som kunne være interesseret? Men et slag på tasken er 650,- glasset for dem på 20mg Og 750,- for dem på 30mg? (Har selv smidt mere i dem end det) Prisen kan der eventuelt snakkes nærmere om alt efter situationen.. Så smid en besked og lad os finde ud af noget🙌
Jeg kør ikke land og rige rundt.. Dog kan vi finde ud af noget på det meste af Fyn og lidt udover, dog indenfor rimelighedens grænser så lad os mødes på noget halvvej✌️
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2022.01.18 13:25 lucky-the-lycanroc Have you heard of a joke

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2022.01.18 13:25 Cirsten0925 Solidus AITECH are building one of Europe’s Largest Eco Friendly HPC Data Centers!

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2022.01.18 13:25 Odd_Obligation9240 To the Pot player I grabbed four time in a row.

Im glad i got this experience, and next time I hope you play through the whole set. :) Also maybe back megafist in the corner won't work when i know you are going to do it again.
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2022.01.18 13:25 copywriter_wwa Tips for landing an assistant super position in Tampa with 10 years experience in NYC?

Asking for my husband. He started as a laborer in NYC, moved over to management side, is now an assistant super and about to receive his super license. Has glowing recommendations and has worked on large high-profile jobs. We put a deposit on an apartment in Tampa and I work remote. His job is the last piece of the puzzle for our move, so any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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2022.01.18 13:25 ryanmuller1089 I went as an innocent bystander

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2022.01.18 13:25 Tiishen What's this little thing on the bottom of the Tantive IV?

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2022.01.18 13:25 GamesandBirds GMT / 25+26 looking for some fun people

Hey everyone!
My SO and I are looking for some people to play games with and just having a great time.
Some games we would like to play are:
Battlefield 2042, PUBG, Sea of thieves, Human fall Flat, among us, maybe R6S and most games that are fun in a group.
We usually play every evening and some more on the weekend. Both of us prefer fun over winning so we usually fool around a lot and make stupid jokes on the side.
We are looking for both individuals or small groups so just dm me if you think it could work out :)
(Note from SO: if you are into Anime or watching professional LOL or CSGO matches you are welcome to discuss them all day with him)
(Note from me: please. I can't listen to it anymore)
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2022.01.18 13:25 0717414 Do teachers who teach in poetry just have a tendency to have strong opinions about everything?

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