I created an Fb account of her ex-boyfriend and dm her using that account... what my wife did broke me...

2022.01.18 12:42 axle_gallardo I created an Fb account of her ex-boyfriend and dm her using that account... what my wife did broke me...

I'm 36 years old as of this writing and my wife's 38.
I suffered from RJ since the start. Only knew about this sickness about 4 years ago.
I wish I can say talk about more stuff but unfortanately and stupidly, I used my real name as a username.
And reading through your stories for the past 3 months here on this thread... I'll tell ya... your RJ's are nothing compared to mines and your spouse's story are way tolerable. Because mines was so bad I can't talk about it here (Dm me and I'l ltell you how bad it is).
Not being a dick. All I'm saying is that y'all should be thankful you didn't have my situation.
That said... this ex Bf of my wife is a veteranirian.
I'm from the Philippines (3rd world country) and being a vet here is equal to being a neuro surgeon in the west.
They dated when they were in college... broke up because of reasons I can't talk about because I don't have annominity caused of username.
He is an ALPHA.
I'm Beta.
And wifey is the type of woman who admires and respect Alphas.
And I've always known that my wife respected him more than me in so many ways.
Cut the story short, 5 years into our marriage, she asked her ex to visit her in her mother's home. I was living with my parents during this time. Know we were not seperated... she just visited her mom in the province.
So they met and they had lunch one day in her mom's home... he brought his "goons" (workers in his poultry farm) with him to my wife's place and him and the goons drank at her place whislt she served them and chatted with them through the evening.
No they did not have sex during this "Time Frame".
They recconecneted is what they did.
But a "Kiss" was involed.
My wife told me about this...
And me... being a "Hot Shot RJ Dectective" played along... pretending that I was ok with it... JUST SO I CAN GET THE JUICY JUICY DETAIL OF WHAT THEY DID AND TALKED ABOUT AND HOW SHE REALLY FELF.
I even encouraged her to keep talking to him on the phone...
Of course, my soul was being burned to hell whist I was playing this game...
The things that I've learned because she was "Open" with me... it could fuck a man up for sure.
She eventually stopped talking to him because I "broke character" and she realized that it was killling me that I was talking to him...
Past forward a year... Now... I was working abroad in Abu Dhabi... she was in the Philippines working too as a call center agent....
and I needed my mother fucking HIT again.
I want to know MORE about them... about their past... about their "I Remember You" by Skid Row powerful whirlwind 4-5 month of a romances...
I created an account of her Bf... not going to go into detail... let me just say that it was a well thought of well executed... yes I'm patting my self on the fucking bat for doing something that destroyed my soul...
I dm her as the Bf and.... yeah... she was STARVING to talk with him...
Even asking him to travel all the way to met up with her (10 hour travel by car)...
No sex... it wasn't a booty call... just starving for that romance from 7 years ago that they had...
They were compatible... she even fucking said it on her dms... she said "My husband knows that we're compatible..."

And me... on the other end of the phone... was both getting my "Fix" as well as killing myself at the same time...
I'll tell ya.. it's 10x more dangerous than heroin...
Then... I couldn't hold it any longer and I told her that it was me all along....
What do you think happened when she found out that I was her Ex all along that she was texting on messenger?
Me, I thought she'll be guilty and say sorry and that stuff...
I couldn't be more wrong...
What she did was to curse me.... to say all kinds of vile shit towards me and to my family!
She blocked me on Fb... and didn't call me and/or messaged me again for a month...
I can't stressed enough how angry I was because of what she's done... and have done BEFORE! Again... you guys are only reading a small part of my story due to my very public username...
We got back together within a month...
years went by and I'll remember what happened and I get angry... then get back toghterher withg her again... a 5 year5s of this fucking cycle filled with mental torment.
I'm breaking down now.... cryhing like a little girl as I type this...
That said... I've decided enough is enough...
I got trigged again bout 6-7 days ago...
And now... I've decided enough is enough....
I'm breaking up with her...
And this time... no overly dramatic fb messenger dms to her about "My love... you've hurt me so because of this and that... So I'm breaking up with you my dear long lost freind"
I've backed read all of those overly dramatic dms to her every time I get triggered... and reading it, I realized how utterly pahtetic I sound! Like a fucking pussy!
Because in about a monts time, I eventually get back with her anyways!
And she fucking knows it!
And yes my brothers.... she is very unsymphatetic towards my sickness... she's honestly just annoyed by it.... like a Fly when she's having a picnic in a garden
So now... I ain't saying a word to her.... no dramatic Shakespearean Dms on her messenger to get her attention...
No Power Ballad and/or James Deam way of tell her... "My love... thank you for everything"
Just compeltely shutting her off...
No talking to her...
And everytime I feel that love to her again, I'll just read those screenshots of her chats with her "Ex" that I mentioned above.
It's motherfucking time that I live my fucking life.
Again... this is ONLY a part of the story... I wish I had choosen a difffrent username... there's way more shit that will make you think your significant others are mother teresa.
No curing this shit.... I don't want to.
I just want her out of my mind, my heart and my soul....
Oh... and we have two kids that I dearly love.... I plan on not letting them know that I'm breaking up with their mom...
Oh... we still live toghether... again... 3rd wolrd country... I dont own 3 homes like you good folks in this sub reddit...
sO, I stil live with her because I have no choice atm...
My next steps after my decision to break up with her is still a work in progress....
Lastly... if I FUCKING END UP GOING BACK TOGETHER WITH HER 1 MONTH FROM NOW.... PLEASE SHOOT ME WITH A SHOTGUN. P.S. Listening to Locomotive and Funeral For A Friends's Rookie Of The Year whislt composing this.
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2022.01.18 12:42 christophedelacreuse What units does England use to measure fuel consumption?

I'm an American living in France, so I'm used to paying at the pump in dollars per gallon and having a fuel efficiency in miles per gallon (yay, freedom units!); OR paying at the pump in euros per liter and measuring fuel efficiency in liters per 100km (yay, metric!). It's nearly impossible to have a straight up conversion, but, hey, in each context, I can manage.
So I got to thinking: What do the English use? I feel like they pay in pence per liter and measure in miles per gallon, but that can't be right, can it?
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2022.01.18 12:42 InternationalAd5601 chapter 115 raw

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2022.01.18 12:42 GhabageMan Polkadot vs Quantum Resistance

Is there any information on how Polkadot is or can be preparing its blockchain against quantum based attacks?

Recently the Coin Bureau came out with predictions for 2022, and Quantum related cyber attacks could pose a massive threat to Bitcoin and other associated blockchain infrastructures. I was wondering if anyone in the community knew or knows anything about Polkadot creating such quantum resistances. I believe Algorand shilled something about being 'resistant' going into future updates, but was hoping someone knew something about Dot. Very abstract question, looking for opinions or ideas of any kind.

Link Below Discusses more of the matter if anyone is looking for a general overview of the topic:)
Your friendly neighborhood GhabageMan
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2022.01.18 12:42 goodFuckingBoy I'm no more a NICE guy. People are cruel out there in the real world.

So, I've always been a gentleman in my schooling years. I had a good reputation around girls and also with my friends in general. I didn't have a girlfriend because I don't date. just my personal preference until I stand on my own legs.
As I said, I used to be a gentleman, so I always tend to be stylish, smart, whatever you call it. I dress well everyday to college, ironed dress, consistent perfume, well made hair, and other stuffs. That's just who I am. I like to be and look smart both.
But as I started going high school, most students didn't know me, ofc. new place. And, what I've come to know from high school is REJECTION. (rejection over something i never asked for.)
So, there are girls, I just talk to them, and there's no such thing as friendship. It's either you be her boy or fuck off.
like wtf???? I had a lot of girl friends in school. We had our limits, we were fun.
So, basically, a girl approaches you, you talk with her when she thinks that you're not a match for her, she just ignores you like you never existed.
never understood why and now I don't even want to know why.
Now, I'm fucking changed. I used to reply to girls' text politely before, thinking ignoring would hurt them. trust me, I used to be so good with people back in school. like talking good with everyone and replying in a good way. but I guess no one ever hurt me in school because they knew the type of person I was but now just fuck em all.
Now, I've become a ATTITUDE guy, and I guess that's what I need to become to survive here. I ain't a fucking simp who'll do anything for a girl.
So, now I'm basically all the fucking texts if I ever get one from girls.
Some people might find it wrong but fuck them. I'm done living like a fucking NICE PERSON.
I might encounter a lot of similar cases in the future as well. But now i'm beginning to learn life. I've got a little taste of what the real world is like. It's bitter but I've decided not to give a fuck about anyone and just be selfish. That's what you need to be after all.

older redditors, what are your takes on the last paragraphs?
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2022.01.18 12:42 Fearless-Cricket3297 COVID-19: latest safety data provide reassurance about use of mRNA vaccines during pregnancy - European Medicines Agency

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2022.01.18 12:42 Desilvas Need help finding a fairings kit for a 07 Crf230f not really finding kits for bikes that old

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2022.01.18 12:42 a_fancy_dog Skaven on AOS

Hi! So I am pretty new to tabletop and my first few times playing were really fun but having to move 20 clanrats forward 1 at a time is so annoying. I know the old square based ones had those cubes to hold units in place to move them easily so I was wondering if age of sigmar has any of these unit holder things for circular bases. Pls send links in the comments and thank you!
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2022.01.18 12:42 Betsir How to update a resume……

Does anyone have any tips? TIA!
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2022.01.18 12:42 Nexxus_17 Tried to play

I tried playing smite today but I literally cant when every game I get in my team roast me because I dont know what Im doing.
How can people have fun playing this when everyone is so toxic?
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2022.01.18 12:42 Chetdizzy Scientists warn Tonga eruption during the recent synagogue hostage crisis may damage environment for years, encouraging final Judeo-Shia peace talks around that day of judgment, i.e. Dr. M.L.K. Jr.'s actual birthday of January 15.

Scientists warn Tonga eruption during the recent synagogue hostage crisis may damage environment for years, encouraging final Judeo-Shia peace talks around that day of judgment, i.e. Dr. M.L.K. Jr.'s actual birthday of January 15. submitted by Chetdizzy to troubadours [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 12:42 EquivalentShift8545 E-mailadres

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2022.01.18 12:42 ETXHornsFan Finally my dream came true

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2022.01.18 12:42 Philswin1 Opening on the side of the Scanwatch

Does anyone know why there is an opening on the side of the scanwatch? The small opening is below the pusher.
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2022.01.18 12:42 TranslatorShoddy227 Been using this 5-4-1A formation with Watford with tactics set to counter attack. Didn't expect my team to do so well and now in 3rd place!

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2022.01.18 12:42 dropinblover Why she tried so hard to get pregnant-

I honestly have been thinking this for a few months during all the posts of Morgan struggling to get pregnant and with everything she's put her body through for a pregnancy, and my thought is:
She truly wants a baby so she can love and be loved. Her relationship with Paul is clearly toxic (I'm not saying abusive, despite how I feel, I'm just saying toxic) and Morgan in my eyes is very immature, so I think her brain is trying to fill in the gaps of the emptiness and lack of love and warmth. I think all she understands in the back of her brain, is that something is missing and a baby will fill whatever is missing, let alone it's her duty as a woman to have kids.(God I hate that mentality). She also is probably, consciously or not, thinking she'll now get approval and validation from her husband for fulfilling her role.
I think that them having a baby physically rn, is the worst thing for them as a couple. Emotionally it will do Morgan good. She'll have love and she'll give love and it'll give her something to do besides spew hate, however we are all aware that with her mental health issues this will also be detrimental.
I truly believe she wants a baby because she is totally missing kindness and pure love and I think she was probably feeling super desperate and pregnancy is the end all be all to a lot of her issues in herself and her marriage. I wish her all the best, because I'm a bit worried this pregnancy is gonna be hard and that a MC is very possible, especially with her body being out of whack with covid and hormones.
Congrats Morgan, you got what you wanted- Now hold on to it, treasure it and take as much care as you can with it, especially rn in such a fragile place.
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2022.01.18 12:42 June_8182 Trying to play hide and seek with my dog, but she gets just TOO EXCITED when I spot her lol

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2022.01.18 12:42 throwra_evilbee83 I feel like my [35m] fiancée [30f] is to good for me, and it’s making me question the relationship. What do I do? Should I tell her?

I’ll call her Casey. That’s not her name.
Casey and I have been together for 2.5 years and we are set to marry in July.
Before I go over why I’m feeling this way, I want to preface this by saying there’s nothing Casey has done on purpose to make me feel inferior or anything. She’s not mean or nasty and she’s pretty humble. She’s great.
Casey and I are complete opposites. She has a masters, I have a diploma. She has great credit, mine is in the low 600’s. She has a loving family with married biological parents (almost 40 years married) while my parents are divorced, hate each other, and made my high school life hell. Casey’s family has a lot of money, my family is poor and taught me no financial management skills. Casey has a career (teacher) making $70k annually, and I work in a factory making $19/hr. Even our house was purchased by her using her and her family’s money and her credit so I’m not on the mortgage or deed.
You get my point. We’re that couple where people would ask me how I landed someone like her.
Anyway, as the wedding gets closer, I’m really beginning to feel like I’m holding her back. Like my depression about this is ridiculous and getting worse as we get to the date. Her family is paying for everything, including for our honeymoon.
Casey is smarter than me and gorgeous. It’s painfully obvious to everyone in my family. Her parents are so nice and so are her siblings. We had Christmas our first year together at her family’s house and these people got me a gift without ever meeting me. I couldn’t afford anything because I had just got an apartment. Really other than paying half the mortgage a month and fixing things around the house, I don’t feel like I do much.
Casey is unaware I feel this way. I have never told her. Her dad knows a bit because he is like me. Worked in a factory his whole life and his wife (her mom) also has a masters in business finance. But I really don’t know what to do. I want a therapist but the ones I’ve seen the last couple of months haven’t been that great.
Just looking for advice on how to combat this feeling. I don’t even know if I should tell Casey. Should I tell her or is this something I should deal with in private?
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2022.01.18 12:42 Routine_Midnight_363 Just on the slightest chance that people might be thinking Infrared has the slightest brain cell after hearing him defend Vaush, have a look at this.

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2022.01.18 12:42 FL3RN Rust?

Does this look like rust or just stripped patina? Just about to pop this baby in the oven for an overdue reseason. Scrubbed it pretty vigorously in the sink with steel wool. Noticed the ring like deterioration of the petina was a bit orangish-red, did my best and was wondering if this looks good enough to reseason?
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2022.01.18 12:42 eaglemaxie Kanokupolu, Tonga, on January 14, and on January 16, after tsunami unleashed by volcano eruption

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2022.01.18 12:42 BrushProfessional350 Don’t know where to go

Hey IT professionals of Reddit, this is my first post and I’m not sure if this is the right place to go. I’m currently working a help desk role and I’m trying to move up into cyber security roles. I have been working this position for around 7 months and I’m questioning if I should leave and look for another job. I have a degree in computer engineering, a minor in mathematics, and have my Security+ certification.
My usual duties consist of moving people to their new desks, rebooting machines, and unlocking accounts. I spend a lot of my time studying for certifications at work, but I feel like I’m not going anywhere and I only have around 3 calls a day (we are over saturated with help desk techs). My commute is an hour, and while 99% of my work can be done remotely, we have to come into the office. I have a ton of developing experience as well, and mostly automate my tasks at work with Powershell.
I guess I’m just looking for advice.
Thanks for everyone’s comments in advance.
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2022.01.18 12:42 Lower-Illustrator444 LOL Worlds Tickets Question

I’m wanting to save up to buy a ticket to one of the locations for worlds this year, possibly Toronto, I’d really like to go to the bay though.
My question is, when will tickets go on sale and for how much should I expect to need to save up to buy one?
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2022.01.18 12:42 ummmbzupcsdown After I saw myself in the gemstones I fell in love with my skin. Again. ❤️

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2022.01.18 12:42 JankyThePlug Selling saved videos $30 cashapp (5000+)

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