3 things you did not know about doordash

2022.01.18 13:58 Alexander_MK 3 things you did not know about doordash

How does door dash work?
DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service that lets you order food and drinks from restaurants in your area. When you order from DoorDash, your food is delivered by a freelance worker who doesn't belong to any single restaurant.
How does door dash make money?
DoorDash makes money via commissions, delivery and service fees, a white-label logistics service, premium subscription plans, as well as by providing a catering service for businesses customers.
Does door dash give gifts?
Yes! users who participate in the various survey not only helps door dash improve their services but also stand a chance to receive a $100 DoorDash gift Card.

We are proud to join DoorDash.
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2022.01.18 13:58 tickeron_community ETF Pattern Broadening Bottom TQQQ on January 07, 2022

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2022.01.18 13:58 eligoscreps I love persona, and cosplay porn 🤩

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2022.01.18 13:58 Glorius_Peaches Newegg Rejected Motherboard Return

So back in November, I bought an Asus DDR5 Motherboard from Newegg to go with my new i7-12700k. Like many people, I had difficulty trying to acquire DDR5 for it, so I gave up and ended up just getting a DDR4 board and attempted to return the DDR5 board to Newegg. Today, I finally get a notification from Newegg telling me that my return has been rejected for “Thermal Paste Motherboard Pin Damage”. Which is pretty interesting, considering I never once installed the CPU (obviously due to not even having DDR5), nor were there any bent CPU pins on the board. My question is, is there anything else I can do about it? Or should I just contact my credit card company and dispute the charges?
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2022.01.18 13:58 turning_into_a_porg Selling Kaplan MCAT books 2019-2020

Chapter 1 of the General Chemistry, Biology and Organic Chemistry has some writing, but other than that, basically new. Selling for $50 but up for negotiation.
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2022.01.18 13:58 taylorb79 FINALLY! A single blue rose

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2022.01.18 13:58 ASICmachine Saying "exchange X locked my account for no reason!!" is just as believable as saying "I was hacked!" - it's totally possible that it is really true, but I think most likely it was your own fault (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2022.01.18 13:58 Narrow_Building_7897 Crazy 🔥🔥🔥💜

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2022.01.18 13:58 STaMGcrystals Please help identify. Found at truck stop in Northern California along I5.

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2022.01.18 13:58 ObjectKey389 Hindi Sad Songs Lyrics in Hindi | 2021

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2022.01.18 13:58 LightYagami209 How do you view people with Aspergers syndrome/autism spectrum disorder, if you've encountered them?

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2022.01.18 13:58 sumrow Is that a present for me!? My friend posted as a Wizard

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2022.01.18 13:58 Eon324 Footage of Russia's inevitable attack on Ukraine

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2022.01.18 13:58 mkeevo 2013 MBP Anyone get this error and know how to continue?

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2022.01.18 13:58 I_like_badgers666 It helps to have a Little Workout Buddy

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2022.01.18 13:58 Gloomy-Cherry1075 Do you think online will be extended?

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2022.01.18 13:58 CatnissKitty Street Parking Near Campus

Does anyone know what street parking is like around campus? Like on 8th and 15th street and Sage Ave? My classes are kind of spread out so I'm wondering if I can get by with parking on the street instead of getting a permit for a lot that isn't even near half of my classes.
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2022.01.18 13:58 ASICmachine Any bear market survivors? (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2022.01.18 13:58 SolaCretia Does anyone else love Von Bismark as much as I do??

Does anyone else love Von Bismark as much as I do??
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2022.01.18 13:58 Hysaky [ANALYSIS] : The mise-en-scène is shit

Okay Boys, it's time, i don't give a shit about the lack of content in terms of gameplay, but this is just horrible what they do in terms of mise-en scène. Let me take a step for each différents parts (just finished renus retem) :

- Emotions : are they statues ? Like the most expressive person is Crawford and all he does is frown, how about you manon? are you paralyzed in the face? How did they screw this up? FFXIV is ten years old and does it easily with an outdated engine
Dialogues : they are simple but good.....but my god ! Lip sync?! Is there none or is it me? I imagine that it is planned for the Japaneses voices and that it was not planned for the English voices but hell! It's SEGA! A company who have many experience and already made two MMO!
- Characters : their designs are good but the problem is the emotional attachment. They are flat, I don't know anything about them, we are clearly far from the emotional attachment that we can have in an FFXIV with an Alphinaud or a Haurchefand which will make you cry when he dies. We have two or three cutscenes for Aina or Nadereh's but we don't care about the rest. I don't feel anything for them when even a secondary villain of FFXIV like Regula Van Hydrus thrilled me. Like garoa is dead, but i don't give a shit, i see him 5min, i don't have emotional attachments to him. I want to know them.
- MC : I have a lot to say but I won't say anything about his emotionless face because everyone is complaining about it already. I will rather speak about the connection which one can maintain with an avatar. The character has only two lines of chosen dialogue and no attachment to the characters, no opinion, it's an empty shell. Some will tell me it's for immersion but already if you want to immerse yourself then why are you playing busty catgirls when you are 30 years old and a man. And no, that doesn't prevent the immersion of having a character with opinions and opinions, I have a real connection with my FFXIV avatar that I consider a bit like my own child and that I wouldn't change for anything in the world, and it's the fucking opposite of my whole being , because I am attached to it, while I only see my PSO2NGS avatar as an empty shell, an interface. i want to cry, i want to be happy when he is, but i feel nothing but annoyance when i see him.
- Story : it's classic and all in all quite simple, the problem is that if you haven't played PSO2, you'll be in deep shit to understand half of the stuff.
- Cutscene : Oh boy, the favorite part, my god they are so bad, there aren't many to begin with, the dialogues are nice but I didn't feel anything reading them, I never received any emotions even during the moment of Aina's power of friendship against Nex Aelio. Many missed staging opportunities, non-existent musical transitions and a lousy camera, like at the end of the mission where Nadere's shows his singing for the first time and Dozer arrives, they could have made an enemy attack Nadere's without that she notices it and that Dozer saves her creating a certain tension and something cool to watch thanks to light effects, like the sun in the back while being high up with a gun in his hands, instead we at Dozer who says hello and the camera cuts to arrive on Dozer without even a tracking shot, just a cut, there is also after beating Renus Retem or Nadere's gives the final blow, the DOLL turns red and begins to disintegrate but the scene cut to get to the protagonists who come out of the DOLL's lair and say hello to the other ARKS, when we could have done a great thing with lighting effects, a zoom on the determined face of Nadhere interspersed with flashback moments of the death of some Arks by Renus Retem and some of her doubts moments, the killing of Renus Retem symbolizing her renouveled determination and the erasing of her doubts, with her music theme in the background, then the DOLL would die leaving the soft, soothing part humming of the music as a zoom shot of a rising sun signaled a new dawn, filled with symbolism. Or even in her end "concert" which lasts 5 seconds when we could have done a concert of several 3 mins with lighting effects, brilliant choreography and zooming in on the faces of people to make feeling emotions to the player, moreover, after this "concert, there is a conversation between the statues, oops, characters, who speak, without music, without anything, without light, just boring.
- OST : They are good, but they are clearly not memorable except some of them like the song of war of Nadereh's
Conclusion : It's have a solid fondation but a really bad realisation, how they managed to release this in 2021 just make me laugh.
(I used google translation)
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2022.01.18 13:58 ianharrison1 Check out my Don Toliver x Baby Keem type beat

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2022.01.18 13:58 ASICmachine Bukele About El Salvador’s Downgraded Sovereign Debt by Moody's: 'EL SALVADOR DGAF' (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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