3t43b 8fnhb aatnr z37t4 6eh2z khane 8b225 4z9d6 ae6tt iehe2 9a6f2 st7t8 bsa3e 5s44y y44ni h3ss6 ds693 trhr9 esref y92i3 h6s9h Writing fanfiction based on winx is awesome! |

Writing fanfiction based on winx is awesome!

2022.01.18 14:13 ImpressiveIntrovert Writing fanfiction based on winx is awesome!

Does that sound weird lol. I've been writing it for five years (mostly because I'm lazy) and it has been great exploring the different ideas and stuff.
I just sat down and wrote one day after planning and it's like, if you don't like my ideas when reading the story, that's fine. if you thought it was okay, cool. Just don't be a bunghole lol.
We're winxers let's be kind you know, I'd love to read your fanfiction too. Mine is a rewrite of all the seasons and movies.
I'm taking a week break because Jesus I wrote four chapters in one week. I deserve a siesta.
If any of you liked to talk about winx stuff just private message me.
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2022.01.18 14:13 Improvcommodore Is my 3080Ti running fully?

I did a benchmark test on 4k RDR2 and I'm averaging 58FPS. I run a 3080Ti, Ryzen 5900x, 2TB Samsung Nvme 980 Pro. I thought it would be a lot higher for 4k, not necessarily in the 100s but high 80s, low 90s at least.
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2022.01.18 14:13 JamesA7X Really stoked about my very first slab!

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2022.01.18 14:13 Efficient_Tadpole965 If phun donr reveal something amazing in todays interview we will probably be fucked

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2022.01.18 14:13 Science_team69 What is the best strategy to survive as the USSR?

Really been suffering even with a technological advantage and a good understanding of the game's mechanics.
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2022.01.18 14:13 Separate_Wish_3104 🤨?

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2022.01.18 14:13 AlbinoOrphans Whatever will I do

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2022.01.18 14:13 RoriBorealis VRcompare Visualisations Update - Revised FoV Comparison

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2022.01.18 14:13 jobsinanywhere Netflix Gives Its Toughest Audience What It Wants

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2022.01.18 14:13 __breadsticks__ Recommendations besides ramen?

I've been trying to save money this semester by buying cheap food instead of eating out. I usually have a cup of instant noodles because of how cheap it is. I'm only 20 but I can feel the effects of pure sodium running through my veins. Please help
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2022.01.18 14:13 Somnilux5 money

Where can I get money? I have a minimum at all, but I can't beat gold
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2022.01.18 14:13 NewsElfForEnterprise Dallas-area home rental costs through the roof

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2022.01.18 14:13 fannyman42 Potato looking beautiful

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2022.01.18 14:13 210Benjamin PLAGA ZOMBIE (1997) Argentine horror film great fukn flick one of my all time favs!

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2022.01.18 14:13 dergleberg Hotter Than Hell: Columbus and Cincinnati Vie to be U.S. Men's National Soccer's Mecca

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2022.01.18 14:13 ll-sk8rboi-ll When encoding music, why are the highs the frequencies being cut out? Why not the lows?

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2022.01.18 14:13 randalflagg Dear media: Stop giving Republicans the benefit of the doubt

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2022.01.18 14:13 JRHemmen [FS] [US-PA] Dell R630 - E5-2680v3, 64GB ECC, Rails

2x Xeon E5-2680v3 12 core CPUs
4x16Gb DDR4 2133 ECC DIMMs, SK Hynix, Registered, Dual Rank
2x Mellanox CX-3 SFP+ NICs
Onboard 4x1Gb Broadcom NIC
H330 Mini PERC
iDRAC Enterprise License
2x 750W 80+ Platinum Dell PSUs
2x 300Gb 15K RPM SAS 6Gb HDDs
Ready Rails included

Local is 19462. Asking $1000 OBO. Willing to sell without RAM or Mellanox cards for a lower price.

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2022.01.18 14:13 McmatsSchloiacy 🌘MetaSafeMoon ($METASFM) 🌒 | 💻 Project Reborn | New Developer&Team | UBISOFT Partnership confirmed | HUGE potential

Check out the telegram and twitter for proof! Metasafemoon x UBISOFT partnership incoming. https://t.me/MetaSafeMoonOfficial This can become huge!! hop in before its too late! the new team has proven that they're better at this, from 50k to 1.2 mil market cap in less than a few hours. Market cap is now ~400k, perfect time to buy!! We probably all know what happened to MetaSafeMoon. The marketing man ran away with the marketing wallet and the main developer decided to sell the project to a fresh & motivated team with a lot more experience. The project ATH was 5 million market cap, and it could go way higher but the old team didn't have experience and they decided to sell it. The ownership has been transfered to the new team, new wallets have been made, they added logo on PancakeSwap just in the first day and they look very motivated. There is a new marketing team with more than 60 people in it, which has been working on various succesful projects. Join a new, virtual economy where you have the opportunity to make money in the metaverse. Start out by earning a return on your properties and collecting fees from visitors. Feeling ambitious? Flip some of your properties for profit in our free and open marketplace or generate income by becoming a business owner in MetaMoon. New ROADMAP Published! NEW TEAM PLANS -New NFT collection with Blockchain Mint Engine -Certik Audit after first AMA -3D Blockchain-connected Phone and Desktop Game (Play&Earn money by building cities on the Moon) -CEX incoming -Massive marketing campaign starting this week 🔐Contract : 0x6822487350D40DdF097F194390CC0125fB3b1F95 🥞 PancakeSwap (V2) : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/swap/swap?outputCurrency=0x6822487350D40DdF097F194390CC0125fB3b1F95 👍🏽 Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0x6822487350D40DdF097F194390CC0125fB3b1F95 🔒 Liquidity locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x707FcDbe5e7d61cADA64929a3865c3e09AC5Df1f
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2022.01.18 14:13 xphays Redirecionamento produto dos eua

Eu tô querendo redirecionar pelo uscloser um miner de helium, é mais ou menos o peso e o tamanho de um modem pequeno.
Mas estou em dúvida de como declarar isso. Qual produto que coloco? Tem que ser em inglês e faço nem ideia de um produto com dimensões, peso e valor menor de $50 que possa ser declarado no lugar nzjsjsjsjsjsj
Alguma luz?
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2022.01.18 14:13 Akuma_nozumu6606 A weird lol skull drawing by me

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2022.01.18 14:13 _fillory_clinton_ Heads up, they are adding FIVE extras to every order by default.

We usually have to change the meals anyways, but this seems really aggressive. Not a fan of this tactic on their part, at all. That stuff really adds up.
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2022.01.18 14:13 jplayzgamezevrnonsub Deck unboxing

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2022.01.18 14:13 LumosPM What is your guys favorite 0/ very low calorie condiments that are also reasonably priced.

I love walden farms so much but it’s ~3.49 a bottle, are there better priced and healthy options?
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2022.01.18 14:13 Running_Mold The Legend DOE Enemy Rotation Is Stupid

That's basically all i have to say. Blight wasn't active the last 2 weeks, so it should be this week, but it isn't. There's just no reason for that.
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